20 biggest problems facing the Indian economy – Free Study Material

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20 biggest problems facing the Indian economy

Biggest problems facing the Indian economy

  1. Inadequate supply of infrastructure
  2. Corruption is one of the biggest problem for indian economy
  3. Inefficient government bureaucracy
  4. Policy instability
  5. Higher Inflation in india
  6. Access to financing
  7. Tax regulations
  8. Restrictive labour regulations
  9. Inadequately educated workforce
  10. Insufficient capacity to innovate
  11. Government instability/coups
  12. Poor work ethic in national labour force
  13. Demographic dividend
  14. Crime and theft
  15. Foreign currency regulations
  16. Poor public health
  17. Rapid urbanisation
  18. Land reforms
  19. Centre-state dynamics
  20. Inclusive growth

Indian economy is at danger because – Latest free Study Material


  • Natural resources are being indiscriminately exploited
  • Human resources is being weakened due to non-communicable diseases because of pollution,  physical inactivity,  excessive indoor living,  lifestyles etc
  • Skilled manpower is decreasing because of poor quality of education

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