Is 3 months gap Sufficient for mains preparation?

Is 3 months gap Sufficient for mains preparation? -Hello everyone.. now prelims is over and focus has turned to mains.. here i m writing down my experience  of last few years..since 2014 gap between prelim and mains is only of 3 odd months and if one is strategic then this duration is enough to crack this exam …  i feel i could clear mains every year with flying marks because of  strategic work during this critical 3 months gap… here i m jotting down my experience which might help u to prepare strategically

Is 3 months gap Sufficient for mains preparation?

Is 3 months gap Sufficient for mains preparation?

  1. 1. understand that variation in GS marks among different candidates is not huge but it is optional which will make difference … if u get low score in optional then ur chances r nearly over. So start your preparation with optional.
  2. Try to finish your optional before mid November so that you can focus on current affairs and revision in last 15 days.
  3. In Gs static portion is only in GS1 while most parts in GS2, 3 and 4 are dynamic thus finish world history and  geography part of Gs1 and move to Other GS papers later on.
  4. Remember that you should not spend more than 2 hours on newspaper. Few spend around 4-5 hours on current affairs which  should be strictly avoided during this period.
  5. Try to write at least 1 to 2 question from insightsonIndia in your own words. daily writing is more beneficial than weekly writing test.  even if u write for 15 to 20 minutes every day, it is sufficient for writing practice. you can skip test series.
  6. Everyone thinks that test series is must for GS but keep in mind that weekly 3 hours test can take at least half a day of every week of your study. I never wrote GS test series because I devoted that time for studying GS. This has affected positively on my Gs score every year. Last year also I got 390 in GS all bcz constant daily practice of answer writing
  7. Although I do not say that you should not join test series but join it if you think it’s most necessary or when your optional is already prepared and you have enough time for GS.
  8. Also do keep in mind that U can not prepare GS 2 3 and 4 by just studying it. Even if u know whole syllabus of it still no guarantee that u wil get good marks in these papers. Way to increase your marks in these papers is to solve many diversified qns in GS2,3,4.  only by looking at various qns one can able to handle dynamic qns during exam
  9. keep at least one hour of your daily routine for revision. Increase this time as you  approach exam. Don’t keep revision for the last phase else this could prove a fatal mistake
  10. Another important thing about GS is that even if you don’t know the answer of the question yet you can fetch at least 2 to 3 marks for every unknown question just by practising such type of questions on daily basis
  11. Many feel that they might not clear prelim this year yet they should understand that this is the time they can prepare for mains. It is only after January they can start for the prelims preparation.

Big challenges can be overcome just by meticulous planning and hard work. Self confidence  will be key here to crack this exam. However you will feel confident only when you work hard.  start your preparation and give everything in this three months. Dont loose your hope and dont quit. Hope to see your name soon in single or double digit rank .

wish you all the best.

Source-swapnil wankhade IAS 

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