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5 Excellent Tips For Improved Concentration Pdf Download

What is concentration?

Concentration means taking your mind off everything and putting it to one thing.

This is indeed a rarity. However, any successful person will tell you that there is absolutely no substitute for paying attention. Effective study is  possible only if you give it your full attention, throwing out all the irrelevant thoughts which interrupt the process of learning.

The rays of sun do not cause fire, because these rays are dispersed but if the rays of sun are converged on paper with the help of a lens, it can burn the paper at once. Similarly by converging your mental capabilities and evoking the power of concentration you can reap great benefits.

During your preparation period, poor concentration comes as one of the biggest hurdles as the UPSC syllabus is vast and the time is limited and we all know that concentration and focus don’t come easy. So, here are a few useful tips:

  • Focus on the task: ‘FOCUS’ is the keyword here. When you are reading a book don’t just read it mindlessly rather ask yourself how would you summarize what you just read. Involving friends and people around you also helps a lot. When you are attending a class or listening to a lecture,ask questions. If you do that there will be no room for boredom to sneak in and for your brain to sleep. Keep your brain constantly active. Distractions don’t help you focus. So, you need to get rid of them at the earliest. At Least the obvious ones. You don’t need to check your emails every 5 minutes, or keep updating your social media accounts every now and then, answering every single text is also not important. These are the major time wasters. Getting your mind to concentrate on something, takes about 15 minutes. If you keep getting distracted every 5 minutes, you won’t be able to focus.
  • Isolation: The place where you locate yourself has a major role to play in your focus and concentration. Avoid places with too many windows and doors, noisy places, phones etc as you don’t need unnecessary sounds to break your focus. Be a hermit for sometime and isolate yourself. People can be a major factor in loss of concentration. Create a private space and don’t talk to anyone until your task is finished. Put a sign on your door to steer away drop-ins and don’t answer your phone. Remember the age old ‘rishi muni’ stories. Well, now you know why they took off to the himalayas.
  • Have  personal deadlines: A deadline helps you forget the unnecessary and concentrate on the work at hand. Set deadlines for completing a chapter, or say a portion of the syllabus. Also, don’t forget to treat yourself with a chocolate bar or a nice movie when you hit milestones. A tight deadline can be very useful if you are in a habit of procrastinating, which most of us are.
  • Meditate: Yoga, pranayam and meditation have all been said to improve concentration greatly. All these activities help increase blood flow to the brain. It boosts your mental and cognitive performance, makes you smarter and makes it easier to focus. Meditation helps improve memory and retention power and also reduces the time taken to finish your studies.
  • Exercise & Diet: Good food helps improve your attentive abilities. Heavy food makes your mind fidgety and makes it harder to concentrate. Eating heavy meals increases blood flow to the digestive system and in turn causes reduced blood flow to the brain.

I hope that this helps. Whenever you feel low just remember that somewhere, Someone is working harder than you. This will make you jump right up. Haha!

All the very best!

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