5 habits to avoid if you want to become an IAS Officer- The civil services exam is one of the toughest exams in the country with a success ratio of 0.01%. Cracking the IAS exam takes more than just preparation and luck; it needs you to make it a way of life. You need to eat, sleep and breathe IAS. You have to make it an integral part of your life. While you are on your path to success avoid doing these things:

5 habits to avoid if you want to become an IAS Officer

5 habits to avoid if you want to become an IAS Officer

  • Being Negative: This should be your top priority ‘to be positive’ and motivated during the course of your preparation. You should not let negativity seep in through any cracked walls. You must always bear in mind your passion for this examination and also your reason for being passionate about it. It could either be a hanging picture in your study room or a quote whatever works for you.
  • Procrastinating: We often find ourselves fiddling with miscellaneous things, checking mails, updating our social media accounts, watching videos when we actually should be studying and concentrating on our work. We have all been there. When we procrastinate, we squander our time and energy only to realise it later that it’s too late. It’s a toxic habit that eats us away. Success is only a step away if we can conquer procrastination. Breaking up your task into small sections, changing your study space, making a timetable, hanging out with influential people can prove to be very useful in avoiding procrastination.
  • Mugging Up: The syllabus of IAS exam is extensive and it spans across the length and breadth of any subject. Often times the IAS aspirants merely memorize the facts instead of getting an understanding of the subject. This is a wrong approach to your preparation. It is important to develop conceptual clarity of any given subject so as to be able to answer any related questions to the subject, as the questions in the UPSC paper are not always direct.
  • Reading from too many sources: You don’t need to fall in love with a single topic as all the topics are equally important in the syllabus. You might have your personal favourites but you can’t afford to be partial. One source or a maximum of 2 should be referred to for a single topic.
  • Following unworthy websites: Internet is for gaining the edge and not losing it. As it is a double edged sword, you need to tread carefully. Books of course are indispensable but internet is the need of the hour. So, make sure you are visiting only worthy websites.

Even though there are lakhs of aspirants who write this exam, you real competition is only with a few thousand serious contestants. You should not get intimidated and enter the race fearlessly. The mantra is to work hard and be positive.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius

All the best!