7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowance Calculator

7th Pay Commission Pay and Allowance Calculator


How to use GConnect 7th Pay Commission Report Pay and Allowances Calculator ?

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1. In the 6CPC Pay Entry Form, select the present pay band / Grade pay.

2. Enter your present pay in pay band, which will be the applicable 6CPC Pay as on 01.01.2016.

3. Select present 6CPC HRA percentage

4. Select the city in which you are posted for determining New TA

5. Click Calculate Button. Now New 7CPC Pay and Salary Benefit out of 7CPC wil be displayed in the 7CPC pay and allowance Table.

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6. Click Show Entry Form Button to get the 6CPC Pay entry form back in the screen for using the calculator again.

check here : http://www.gconnect.in/pages/2015/7cpc-pay-calculator-after-report/index.html