Ancient History Previous years Questions – SSC-UPSC-CDS-CAPF-SSC CPO – hello friends welcome to . here we are providing you List of some of the Most important Questions from Ancient History . These Questions Were Asked in previous years Exams

Ancient History Previous years Questions - SSC-UPSC-CDS-CAPF-SSC CPO

Ancient History Previous years Questions – SSC-UPSC-CDS-CAPF-SSC CPO

  1. The source of Swastika symbol  – Indus Valley
  2. Who is considered as the father of Indian archaeoloy – Alexander Cunningham
  3. Meter scale has been discovered from ……… –  Harappa
  4. Weapon never used by the –Indus people – Sword
  5. Meter Scale has been Discovered from – Harappa
  6. What was the major industry in Chanhudaro? – Bead making
  7. The word ‘Sindhan’ used by the Indus people denoted – Cotton
  8. Evidence of fractional burial has been excavated from – Harappa
  9. The word ‘godhume’ used in the vedic period denote – Wheat
  10. ‘Yava’ denoted – Barley
  11. Which of the Weapon never used by the indus valley people – Sword 
  12. The Source of Swastika Symbol – Indus valley 
  13. Term used to denote rice in the vedic text – Vrihi
  14. Vedic term sita denoted – Ploughed field
  15. Which veda mentions about wheel  – Rigveda
  16. Vedi terms ‘Urvara’ or ‘kshetra’ denoted – Cultivated field
  17. The famous frog hymn in Rig Veda throws light to – Vedic education
  18. Who was considered as the god of the vedas? – Varuna
  19. Rigvedic term ‘Duhitri’ denoted – Milker of cows
  20. Method used to calculate the number of cows in the Vedic period – Ashtakarni
  21. Part of which veda has prose part – Yajur Veda
  22. Who spread Aryan religion in South India – Agasthya
  23. Vedic term ‘Aghanya’ denotes – Cows
  24. The term ‘Bharata’ and ‘Bharatavarsha’ were first used in – Rig Veda
  25. Upanishad which mentions the four Ashramas of Vedic period – Jabala Upanishad
  26. Largest number of hymns in Rigveda a are in praise of – Indra
  27. Edict which mentions about the relation between India and China – Nagarjunakonda
  28. First town in the vedic period to use burned bricks – Kausambi
  29. First reference about lending money for interest can be found in – Satpatha Brahmana
  30. Rigvedic paintings have been discovered from Bhagvanpura. It is in which state  – Haryana
  31. Upanishad which mentions about police system  – Brihadaranyaka Upanishads
  32. God who was considered as God of Gods – Varuna
  33. Community which was considered as untouchables by the Buddhists. – Chandalas
  34. The language used by the Jains to spread their religion  – Prakrit
  35. Who is considered as the St.John of Buddhism  – Ananda
  36. Who is considered as Devil by the Buddhists  – Mara
  37. Three daughters of ‘Mara’ –  lust, emotion and desire
  38. The ruler who persecuted Buddhists – Pushyamitrasunga
  39. Major philosophic school of Bhagvatism  – Vishishtadvaita
  40. Earliest reference about Srikrishna can be found in  – Chandoghya Upanishad
  41. Hindu God who found place in Greek literature  – Sri Krishna
  42. Jain Thirthankara, who was related to Sri Krishna — Rishabhadeva (Ist Thirthankara)
  43. Tamil god of the Sangham age for War and Victory – Kottavai
  44. Saint who founded the Saivism  –Lakulisa
  45. Tamil kingdom of the Sangham Age which sent an ambassador to the court of Roman Emperor –  Augusts Pandyas
  46. First Sangham was founded by  – Saint Agasthya
  47. Famous poetess of the Sangham period – Avvaiyar
  48. Greeco-Roman traders who visited South India during the Sangham period were denoted with the term – Yavanas
  49. Sangham work which describes about Buddhism – Manimekhalai
  50. The word used by Ashoka to denote Buddha – Bhagavati
  51. Ashokan inscriptions were desciphered by James prince in the year – 1837
  52. Indo-Greek ruler who had his boundaries upto Pataliputra – Menander
  53. Yuchi ruler who introduced gold coins for the first time – Vima Kadphesus

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