Anglo French Conflict Carnatic Wars – History Notes for All Exams -Anglo French Conflict Carnatic Wars – History Notes for All Exams

Anglo French Conflict Carnatic Wars – History Notes for All Exams

Anglo French Conflict  Carnatic Wars – History Notes for All Exams

The downfall of Mughal empire led to political turmoil in India. the Deccan region gained independence from Mughal empire under Nizam-ul-Malik. The Carnatic region came under Nizam’s dominion.

Of the three Carnatic wars, the second war was triggered by domestic reasons. First and Third war was influenced by events in Europe.

The Europeans entered into India for trade were the Portuguese, Dutch, Danes, British, and the French. But Portuguese, Dutch, Danes were exited from competitions.

So only British and French were left in the competition. Both the British and French tried to establish their colonies in India.

There was a world wide conflict among European countries to establish their colonies in backward countries. This led to the rivalry between French and British in India and resulted carnatic wars.

First Carnatic war/ Anglo-French War (1746-1748):

  • The first carnatic war was the result of Austrian succession war that took place in 1740 between Austria and Prussia.
  • English and French entered opposite sides in this war
  • The French besieged Madras.
  • They defeated the army of Carnatic Nawab at St. Thomas battle under French governor Dupleix. When the
  • Austrian Succession War was concluded withe Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748, the first anglo-french war also came to an end.

Second Anglo-French War/ Carnatic War (1749-54)

  • This war took place between French and British without the permission of their mother countries.
  • After the release of Chanda saheb from Maratha captivity conflict started between Chanda Saheb and Anwar­ud­din for the Nawab ship of carnatic. Nizam­ul­mulk, Deccan subedar, was died in 1748.
  • Consequently a war of succession broke out between Mujaffar Jung and Nasir Jung. Mujaffar Jung and Chanda Saheb requested the help of French.
  • Then Duplex, invaded on Arcot with Mujaffar Jung and Chanda Saheb.
  • In the battle Anwaruddin was killed and Chanda Saheb was declared as Nawab of carnatic French declared Mujaffar Jung as Nizam of Hyderabad.
  • As the both English and French companies were competing for monopoly over Indian trade.
  • English started supporting Mohammad Ali, son of Anwaruddin and Narsir Jung. Muzaffar Jung was caught as a captive with the help of Cuddapah and Kurnool Nawabs.
  • But Cuddapah and Kurnool Nawabs killed Nazar Jung.
  • Later French installed Muzaffar Jung as Nizam of Hyderabad.
  • Muzaffar Jung was killed in 1752 by his own people.
  • Then, Bussy installed salabat Jung as Nizam of Hyderabad. French got Northern circars from salabat Jung.
  • English invaded Arcot Under Robert Clive. Chanda Saheb was killed and Mohammad Ali was installed as Nawab of Carnatic.
  • The French defeat at Arcot was beginning of French down fall in India

Third Carnatic war/ Anglo-French War (1758-1763):

  • The outbreak of the Seven Years War(1756-1763) in Europe led to 3rd Carnatic War.
  • The French troops under Count de Lally captured Fort St. David. The English defeated them at Wandiwash in 1760.
  • English captured and destroyed Pondicherry.
  • When Seven Year war came to an end in Europe by Treaty of Paris in 1763, the third Carnatic War also ended.
  • The French were restricted to Pondicherry, Karaikkal, Mahe and Yenam.