Aquifer Mapping -Water Use Efficiency Certification And DRIP Project pdf

Aquifer Mapping -Water Use Efficiency Certification And DRIP Project pdf

  • The National Project on Aquifer Management (NAQUIM) is an initiative of the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, for mapping and managing the entire aquifer systems in the country.
  • The vision of the National Project on Aquifer Management is to identify and map aquifers at the micro level, to quantify the available groundwater resources, and to propose plans appropriate to the scale of demand and aquifer characteristics, and institutional arrangements for participatory management.
  • To establish a methodology for the National Project on Aquifer Management, the Central Ground Water Board is undertaking a pilot study of 6 areas in different hydrogeological terrains.
  • The pilot study integrates multiple disciplines and scientific approaches, including remote sensing, hydro geology, geophysics, hydrochemistry, drilling, groundwater modeling, and management approaches.

The pilot areas are in:

  • Alluvial plains of Ganga basin in Bihar,
  • Complex crystalline rocks of Karnataka,
  • Basaltic traps underlain by thick Gondwana sediments in Maharashtra,
  • Moderately thick alluvium overlying hard rocks of Rajasthan,
  • Desert of Rajasthan, and
  • Coastal sediments of Tamil Nadu.

The objectives of the pilot study are:

  • to understand all the aquifer systems up to 200 m depth in hard rocks and to 300 m in sedimentary areas, to ascertain their resource, to establish groundwater quantity, quality, and sustainability, and to estimate the dynamic and static resources accurately through a multidisciplinary scientific approach; the target scale of investigation is 1:50 000, down to 1:10 000 in some cases;
  • to establish the methodology for implementing the National Project on Aquifer Management; and to build the capacity of CGWB and other Central and State agencies.

Haryana to become the first state in India to have Aquifer mapping

  • Haryana is soon to become the first state in the country to have aquifer mapping done for its groundwater resources by May.
  • Other 7 states to have mapping done by 2017 includes Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Telangana
  • The mission is to be completed in entire nation before 2022

Aquifer rocks

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  • An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing rock, from which groundwater can be extracted.
  • The mapping will assist the state in estimating the quantity and quality of groundwater in an aquifer and would help it in assessment of sustainable level of water extraction.


Mapping technique

  • The Aquifer mapping will help in estimating the quantity and quality of groundwater present inside the rock
  • Mapping determines the exact location, its size, amount of water that can be stored and its recharge point
  • Mapping is carried out by Central Ground Water Board on the scale of 1:50000


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Technology Employed

  • Uses Heli-borne Geophysical Surveys for Mapping and sophisticated Software for management plans



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