Biographies of Scientist And Inventor Download PDF – Biographies of Scientist And Inventor Download PDF


Biographies of Scientist And Inventor Download PDF

  1. Alexander Graham Bell – Invented the telephone.
  2. Rachel Carson – Founder of environmental science.
  3. George Washington Carver – Botanist who was called the “farmers best friend.”
  4. Francis Crick and James Watson – Discovered the structure of the DNA molecule.
  5. Marie Curie – Physicist who discovered radioactivity.
  6. Leonardo da Vinci – Inventor and artist from the Renaissance.
  7. Thomas Edison – Invented the light bulb, phonograph, and the motion picture.
  8. Albert Einstein – Came up with the Theory of Relativity and the equation E=mc2.
  9. Henry Ford – Invented the Model T Ford, the first mass produced car.
  10. Ben Franklin – Inventor and Founding Father of the United States.
  11.  Galileo – First used the telescope to view the planets and stars.
  12. Jane Goodall – Studied chimpanzees in the wild for many years.
  13. Johannes Gutenberg – Invented the printing press.
  14. Stephen Hawking – Discovered Hawking Radiation and wrote A Brief History in Time.
  15. Antoine Lavoisier – Father of modern chemistry.
  16. Isaac Newton – Discovered the theory of gravity and the three laws of motion.
  17. Louis Pasteur – Discovered pasteurization, vaccines, and founded the science of germ theory.
  18. The Wright Brothers – Invented the first airplane.

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