Books list for IAS Preparation by IAS topper Atul kulkarni AIR 180

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Books list for IAS Preparation by IAS topper Atul kulkarni AIR 180

Books list for IAS Preparation by IAS topper Atul kulkarni AIR 180Books list for IAS Preparation by IAS topper Atul kulkarni AIR 180

Books to read for mains:

GS Paper I

Art and Culture

  • NCERT Class VI – History – Our Past
  • NCERT Class VII – Our Past -I
  • NCERT  Class VIII – Our Past II and III
  • NCERT Class XII – Themes In Indian History I
  • NCERT Class-XII – Themes in Indian History – II
  • NCERT Class XII – Themes In Indian History III
  • Facets of Indian Culture – Spectrum Publications

Modern History

  1. Comprehensive History of Modern India – Spectrum
  2. Bipan Chandra ( if time permits)

Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country.

  • India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra
  • India After Gandhi: The History Of The World’s Largest Democracy

World History

  1. Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe
  2. Arjun Dev – History of the World from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty First Century
  3. Old NCERT World History Class-X

Indian Society

  1. NCERT – Indian Society Class 12 (Complete book without watermarks)
  2. Indian Society – Ram Ahuja

World’s physical geography

  1. Certificate Physical and Human Geography 1st Edition
  2. NCERT Class-XI – Fundamentals of Physical

GS Paper II

  • NCERT Class XI – India Constitution At Work
  • NCERT Class XII –  Political Science II
  • NCERT Class X –  Democratic Politics
  • Report of the 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission,
  •  Chand – Select Constitutions of the world
  • Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations 4th Edition – Laxmikanth

International Relations

  1. India and its neighbours – MEA Website
  2. Rajiv Sikri – Challenge and Strategy – Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy

GS Paper III


  1. NCERT Class X – Understanding Economic Development
  2. NCERT Class XI – Indian Economic Development
  3. NCERT Class XII – Macroeconomics
  4. Indian Economy for Civil Services Examinations – Ramesh Singh

Science and Technology

  • Spectrum publications – Developments in Science and Technology


  • Shankar IAS Academy book

GS Paper IV

  1. IGNOU Ethics material
  2. 12thNCERT Psychology
  3. 2ndARC’s
  • Questionnaire on Ethics in governance
  • Questionnaire on Civil Services Reforms
  • Reforms in Governance and Administration

Books list for IAS Preparation by IAS topper Atul kulkarni AIR 180 for Sociology Optional 


Approach to sociology optional papers is quite different. As I had background from social sciences in TISS, I also faced lot of problems from moving from engineering background to social sciences. Try to study the thinker’s part in both papers very perfectly and get a clarity on all the sociological concepts.

While writing sociology answers, try to keep in 3 things in mind-

  1. Thinkers and their ideas
  2. Coherent arrangement and expression
  3. Using contemporary topics in answers.

Thinkers should be used in all answers. Arrangement of answers means the contents with a definite structure to be framed.

The structure must be exposed indirectly through the flow of writing with interlinking of sub topics and paragraphs explaining the scope meaning, description and discussion.

One needs to give the powerful and logical conclusion which is the consequence of everything discussed earlier. It must be balanced and free from prejudice.

Books for sociology preparation:

Paper I

  1. NCERT 11th to 12th Std. Sociology Book
    2 IGNOU notes (especially for thinkers )
  2. Haralombus
  3. Giddens, Anthony, Capitalisation and Modern Social Theory,
  4. T.B. Sociology: A Guide of problem and Literature

Paper II

  1. IGNOU notes (especially for thinkers and topic on Indian system)
  2. Caste its 20th Century Avatar – M.N. Srinivas
  3. Singh – Modernisation of Indian Tradition
  4. Singh – Social tradition in India
  5. NCERT texts books on sociology

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