Chsl previous years one word substitute pdf – CHSL 2018 One Word -Hello Friends Welcome to here We are sharing Previous Years Antonyms asked in Various SSC papers .Chsl previous years one word substitute pdf – CHSL 2018 One Word 

Chsl previous years one word substitute pdf

Chsl previous years one word substitute pdf – CHSL 2018 One Word

1.Government of the people, by the people and for the people – Democracy लोकतंत्र
2. Something that is difficult to believe – Incredible अतुल्य
3. The height of object above sea level – Altitude ऊंचाई
4. Group of people living together in the same locality – Neighbourhood पड़ोस
5. Always ready to attack or quarrel – Aggressive आक्रामक
6. Fit to be eaten – Edible खाने योग्य
7. Unfair advantages for members of one’s own family – Nepotism भाई-भातीजवाज
8. Someone who scientifically studies the birds – Ornithologist पक्षी-विज्ञानी
9. Something which is imagined to be real but actually does not exist – Figment मनगढ़ंत
10. Someone having many skills – Versatile बहुमुखी
11. To officially take private property away to seize – Confiscate जब्तकरना
12. Rebellion against lawful authority – Mutiny बगाबत
13. Soldiers who fight on horseback – Cavalry घुड़सवार-सेना
14. One who speaks for others – Spokesman प्रवक्ता
15. A man who does not know how to read or write – Illiterate निरक्षर
16. To injure one’s reputation – Defame बदनाम करना
17. A geo metrical figure with eight sides – Octagon अष्टभुज
18. A man who waste his money on luxury – Extravagant फिजूलखर्च
19. A man having no hair on scalp – Bald गंजा
20. The first speech made by a person – Maiden प्रथम
21. A proficient public speaker – Orator वक्ता
22. One who eats both vegetables and meat – Omnivorous सर्वाहारी
23. One who gains benefits from something – Beneficiary लाभार्थी
24. Spoken or done without preparation – Extempore बिना तैयारी के
25. Fluent and clear in speech – Articulate साफ़-साफ़ बोलने वाला
26. Through which light cannot pass – Opaque अपारदर्शी
27. To write under a different name – Pseudonym उपनाम
28. A person who is well known in an unfavorable way – Notorious कुख्यात

one word substitution pdf for ssc chsl  2018 – One Word pdf

  1. A building in which aircraft are housed – Hanger
  2.  A former student of a school, college or university-  Alumnus भूतपूर्व-छात्र
  3. A short story based on your personal experience – Anecdote छोटी सी कहानी
  4.  One who takes care of a building – Warden प्रबंधक
  5. Incapable of being approached – Inaccessible पहुच के बाहर
  6. One who lends money at a very high interest – Usurer सूदखोर
  7. One who lives/survives on others/other lives-  Parasite परजीवी
  8. Detailed plan of journey – Itinerary यात्रा-कार्यक्रम

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