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In This Post We Will Discuss Following Points About Citizen Charter 

  • What is meant by Citizen Charter?
  • What are the components of Citizen Charter?
  • What are the guidelines to be followed while developing a Citizen Charter?
  • What are the issues with Citizen Charter?
  • What is the way forward?

Citizen Charter In India -Meaning,Components,Issues,Guidelines

What is meant by Citizen Charter?

  • Citizen’s Charter is a document which represents a systematic effort to focus on the commitment of the
    Organization towards its Citizens in respects of Standard of Services, Information, Choice and Consultation,
    Non-discrimination and Accessibility, Grievance Redress, Courtesy and Value for Money.
  • This also includes expectations of the Organization from the Citizen for fulfilling the commitment of the

What are the components of Citizen Charter?

A good Citizen’s Charter should have the following components :-

  • Vision and Mission Statement of the Organization
  • Details of Business transacted by the Organization
  • Details of ‘Citizens’ or ‘Clients’
  • Statement of services including standards, quality, time frame etc. provided to each Citizen/ Client group
    separately and how/ where to get the services
  • Details of Grievance Redress Mechanism and how to access it
  • Expectations from the ‘Citizens’ or ‘Clients’
  • Additional commitments such as compensation in the event of failure of service delivery

What are the guidelines to be followed while developing a Citizen Charter?

DPARG lists out the guidelines for the effective Citizen Charter formulation as follows :

  • Setting up of a Task Force in the Organization to formulate the Citizen’s Charter
  • Identification of all stakeholders in the Organization and major services provided by Organization;
  • Setting up of a Core Group in the Organization consisting of representatives from all stakeholders
    which inter-alia may include Top Management, Middle Management, cutting-edge level, staff
    representatives, strategic partners, Customers/ Clients etc
  • Consultation with Clients/ Stakeholders/ Staff (Primarily at cutting-edge level) and their representative associations;
  • Preparation of Draft Citizen’s Charter
  • Submission of draft Charter to Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances
  •  Consideration of the Charter by Core Group
  • Modification of Charter by the Ministry/ Department n the basis of suggestions/ observations by the Core
  • Approval by Minister-in-charge
  • Formal issue/ release of Charter and putting up on website
  • Sending copies to People’s Representatives and all stakeholders

What are the issues with Citizen Charter?

  • In majority of cases Charters were not formulated through a consultative process.
  • By and large service providers are not familiar with the philosophy, goals and main features of the Charter.
  • In none of the departments evaluated, had adequate publicity been given to the Charters. In most Departments, the Charters were only in the early stages of implementation.
  • No funds were specifically earmarked for awareness generation on Citizen’s Charter or for orientation of the staff on various components of the Charter.

What is the way forward?

  • The need for citizens and staff to be consulted at every stage of formulation of the Charter.
  •  Orientation of staff about the salient features and goals/objectives of the Charter; vision and mission statement of the department; and skills such as team building, problem solving, handling of grievances and
    communication skills.
  •  The need for creation of database on consumer grievances and redress.
  • The need for wider publicity of the Charter through print media, posters, banners, leaflets, handbills,
    brochures, local newspapers etc. and also through electronic media.
  • Earmarking of specific budgets for awareness generation and orientation of staff, and
  • Replication of best practices in this field.

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