Cowin 20 App Download APK | Corona Patient Tracking App

Cowin 20 App Download | Cowin 20 App For Coronavirus Patient Tracking –  Indian Government Led By Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Going to Launch A App For Tracking Of Corona Infected Person . Cowin 20 App Will Curb Transmission of Corona Virus In Community And Will Track All Infected Person . This Android app Will be Launched By Indian Government Very Soon . CoWin-20 app is currently in beta testing for both iOS and Android platforms and will be launching soon in India. In India Which Is a Very Populous Country More than 130 crore People Reside Is In very Big Problem Due To Corona Virus . Government Of India Is Taking Every Possible Step To Curb Corona Virus .

For now, The Android app Cowin 20  is being distributed among a selected group of users through an APK that can be installed on devices.  whereas users of iOS devices will be required to share their device UDIDs with the National Informatics Centre to get a unique download link. Both These Users Can Install App In Their Smartphone And Devices .

Cowin 20 App Download | Cowin 20 App For Coronavirus Patient Tracking

Main Features Of COWIN 20 App

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  1. Tracking Infected Person .
  2. To monitor the status of the community spread of coronavirus.
  3. User Can Locate Testing Lab And Quarantine Centers In Indian Cities.
  4. Automatic feeding of government advisories and official safety recommendations put forth by the Government of India.
  5. Providing All Government Advisories To Indians.
  6. Providing Safety Recommendation And How To Keep Protected From covid-19 .
  7. Alert users if they are near a COVID-19 infected patient.
  8. Send notifications to users who have been in close contact with anyone tested positive for COVID-19.
  9. The Cowin 20 app will contain a map-like feature to trace the location history of a user.

How Will COWIN APP Will Work ?

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  • Cowin 20 Mostly Work On Bluetooth .
  • This App Will Collect Data Through Bluetooth And Send Data To Government Than Government Will Send Data To Users If he or she Is Near To Any Infected Person .
  • Mainly  The app will rely on Bluetooth to check if you’ve been within six feet of the distance of an infected person.

How To Download COWIN 20 App For Android And IOS Devices ?

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  • User Can Download Cowin 20 App From Play Store And IOS Store For Their. Right Now This app Is In BETA Phase . In Next Few Days Indian Government Will Launch This App.

App Will Be available In Next 5 Days . Link Will Updated .

Google Play Store Download Link  IOS Device App Download



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