Directives Explained: Examine, Critically Examine, Analyse and Critically Analyse

Directives Explained: Examine, Critically Examine, Analyse and Critically Analyse

Out of all terms only critically examine / evaluate deserves separate attention.

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Rest others are similar and although there may be a difference between them but there is no need to tax your brain on such minute difference and you can safely write same answers for all of them.

In case of critically examine you need to provide both sides of the story. Let’s take an example from GS-1 CSE – 2014. The question is :

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Critically evaluate the various resources of the oceans which can be harnessed to meet the resource crisis of the world.

For the above question if we write that sea has abundant mineral reserves then we would also have to mention that extracting minerals from sea bed is expensive and may degrade environment as well. For instance we can mention the depletion of coral reefs around Australian coast etc.

Decoding IAS questions 

1)”Discuss” may not be the appropriate word to be used in a exam question paper.
2) “Explain” during 8th grade physics laboratory examination when the teacher asks you to “Explain” about an apparatus you simply “Explain
3)”Comment” this is your general opinion on case or an incident it might vary from one to another
4)”Examine“- doctors examine a cadaver as a part of their study
5)”Critically Examine” – before a cardiologist performs an operation he critically examines the patients vitals .
6) “Evaluate“- When a model walks the Ramp judges evaluate the model
7”Critically Evaluate“-during a disaster recovery plan federal authorities   “Critically Evaluate” damage.

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