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Diseases Affect Human Body Systems pdf Download

Diseases Affect Human Body Systems pdf Download

Diseases Affect Human Body Systems pdf Download

Diseases Affect Human Body Systems pdf Download

Human body diseases vary in both severity and diversity. Any body part or function can contract a disease or have a disorder. We are more capable today than ever before of combating these diseases and medicine is advancing every day.

Below are articles on diseases and disorders:

Skin Disorders

  • The skin is susceptible to physical injury and to infection by bacteria, virus, fungi, and exposure to sunlight. Rashes can be caused by allergic reactions and some skin disorders are hereditary.

Nervous System Disorders

  • Damage to the nervous system through physical injury or disease can impair both physical and mental function.
  • The nervous system can be affected by infections, injury, tumors, and degenerative conditions.

Cardiovascular Disorders

  • Common heart diseases include structural defects, damage due to restricted blood supply, heart muscle disorders and viral infections.
  • What we eat and the amount of exercise we get can affect our cardiovascular system.

Infections and Immune Disorders

  • Our bodies can be infected by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Our immune systems work to combat these viruses.
  • Our immune systems can also develop disorders and there are two types of immune system disorder; allergies and autoimmune diseases where the immune system over reacts and immunodeficiency diseases where it underacts and is too weak to cope with a threat.

Digestive Disorders

Problems with our digestive systems occur frequently mainly due to the food we consume. Viral infections and cancer can also affect our digestive systems.

Here Is the List of Diseases and Affecting Parts of Human Body

  1. Arthritis: Joints
  2. Asthma: Bronchial Muscles
  3. Cataract: Eyes
  4. Diabetes: Pancreas
  5. Diphtheria : Throat
  6. Eczema : Skin
  7. Glaucoma : Eyes
  8. Goiter : Thyroid Gland
  9. Jaundice : Liver
  10. Leukemia : Blood
  11. Malaria : Spleen
  12. Meningitis : Brain and Spinal Cord
  13. Entities : Ears
  14. Paralysis : Nerves
  15. Pneumonia : Lungs
  16. Polio : Legs
  17. Pyorrhea : Teeth and Gums
  18. Rheumatism : Joints
  19. Sinusitis : Inflammation of sinus linings
  20. Tonsillitis : Tonsils
  21. Trachoma : Eyes
  22. Tuberculosis : Lungs
  23. Typhoid : Intestines
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