Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16 – Hello friends Welcome to .Here We are sharing Economic Survey 2016-17.

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF - Economic Survey 2015-16

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16

Hello friends In this Article we are  Providing you the Latest Economic Survey 2015-2016 . You can Download This Survey from official Website

Finance minister Arun Jaitley tabled the Macro-Economic Survey 2015-16 in Parliament. The economic survey was prepared by the Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian.

  • In accordance with survey, Indian economy is growing at a pace of 7-7.5% and it is expected to accelerate at 8% in the next couple of years.
  • India’s macro-economy is sturdy and it is likely to be the fastest growing major economy in the world in 2016 as it shows an expansion from 7.2% in 2014-15 to 7.6% in current fiscal.

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16

Highlights of the Economic Survey 2015-2016 – Important SSC, IBPS, UPSC, IAS, IAS Mains 2016

Fiscal Deficit

  • 2015 -16 fiscal deficits seen at 3.9% of GDP seems achievable
  • 2016 – 17 expected to be challenging from fiscal point of view.
  • Credibility and optimality argue for adhering to 3.5% of GDP fiscal deficit target.


  • CPI inflation seen around 4.5 to 5% in 2016 – 17.
  • Confidence in price stability has improved and it is expected that RBI to meet 5% inflation target by March 2017.
  • Prospect of lower oil prices over medium term likely to dampen inflationary expectations.

Current account deficit

  • 2016 – 17 current account deficit seen around 1-1.5% of GDP.


  • Rupee’s fair value can be achieved through monetary relaxation.
  • India needs to prepare itself for a major currency readjustment in Asia.
  • Gradual depreciation in rupee can be allowed if capital inflows are weak.


  • Proposes widening tax net from 5.5% of earning individuals to more than 20%.
  • Tax revenue expected to be higher than budgeted levels in FY15 – 16.
  • Favours review and phasing out of tax exemptions.

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16

Banking & Corporate Sector

  • Estimated capital requirement for banks likely around Rs 1.8 trillion by 2018 – 19.
  • Corporate, bank balance sheets remain stretched, affecting prospects for reviving private investments.
  • Underlying stressed assets in corporate sector must be sold or rehabilitated.
  • Govt could sell off certain non-financial companies to infuse capital in state-run banks.
  • Govt proposes to make available 700 bn rupees via budgetary allocations during current, succeeding years in banks.

India Ranks First in Milk Production

  • In accordance with the economic survey 2015-16, India ranks first in milk production, accounting for 18.5% of world production. It achieved an annual output of 146.3 million tons during 2014-15 as compared to 137.69 million tonnes during 2013-14 recording a growth of 6.26%.

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16

Other Major Points

  • Indian economy to grow 7-7.5 percent in the fiscal year to March 2017
  • The economic survey projected India to grow 8 percent in the next couple of years.
  • Services continue to be key driver; expected to be 9.2% in 2015-16.
  • Growth in industry is estimated to have accelerated during the current year
  • India ranks first in Milk production, accounting for 18.5% of world production
  • Egg and fish production has also registered an increasing trend over the years
  • Better off taking the benefit of subsidies; recommends interventions and rectification
  • Credibility argues for adhering to 3.5% fiscal aim for FY17. FY16 subsidy bill is below 2% of GDP.
  • Fertiliser subsidy should shift to direct cash transfer.
  • Percentage share of horticulture output in Agriculture is more than 33%

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16

A flagship annual document of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India,Economic Survey 2015–16 reviews the developments in the Indian economy over the previous 12 months, summarizes the performance on major development programmes, and highlights the policy initiatives of the government and the prospects of the economy in the short to medium term. This document is presented to both houses of Parliament during the Budget Session.

With detailed statistical data covering all aspects of the economy—macro as well as sectoral—the report provides an overview of the following issues:

  • Economic Outlook, Prospects, and Policy Challenges
  • Fiscal Framework
  • ‘Wiping Every Tear From Every Eye’ : The JAM Number Trinity Solution
  • The Investment Climate: Stalled Projects, Debt Overhang and The Equity Puzzle
  • Credit, Structure and Double Financial Repression: A Diagnosis of the Banking Sector
  • Putting Public Investment on Track: The Rail Route to Higher Growth
  • What to Make in India? Manufacturing or Services?
  • A National Market for Agricultural Commodities – Some Issues and Way Forward
  • From Carbon Subsidy to Carbon Tax: India’s Green Actions
  • The Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC) – Implications for Fiscal Federalism in India?
  • State of the economy and Public Finance
  • Monetary management and financial intermediation
  • External sector and Service sector
  • Prices, agriculture and food management
  • Industrial, corporate and infrastructure performance
  • Climate change and sustainable development
  • Social infrastructure, employment and human development

This document would be useful for policymakers, economists, policy analysts, business practitioners, government agencies, students, researchers, the media, and all those interested in the development in the Indian economy.

Download Economic Survey 2016 Free PDF – Economic Survey 2015-16

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