Download Mrunal Geography Notes PDF – 296 Pages, Dr kevin virani

Download Mrunal Geography Notes PDF – 296 Pages, Dr kevin virani – Hello friends Here we are providing you the Geography Notes In Pdf format from Mrunal . These notes are Class Notes from SPIPA . These Notes are PDF version of Slides Which were taught In SPIPA.

Download Mrunal Geography Notes PDF - 296 Pages, Dr kevin virani

These Notes Cover following Topics

  1. Indian Geography
  2. World geography
  3. India and World physical Geography
  4. Environment

Physical Geography

i) Geomorphology

  • Origin of the earth; Geological Time Scale; Interior of the earth; Types and characteristics of rocks; Folding and Faulting; Volcanoes; Earthquakes; Weathering; Landforms caused by fluvial, aeolian and glacial actions.

ii) Climatology

  • Structure and composition of atmosphere; Temperature; Pressure belts and Wind systems; Clouds and rainfall types; Cyclones and anticyclones; Major climatic types.

iii) Oceanography

  • Ocean relief; Temperature; Salinity; Ocean deposits; Ocean currents, El Nino and La Nino; Waves and tides.

iv) Biogeography

  • Origin and types of soils; Major biomes of the world; Ecosystem and food chain; Environmental degradation and conservation.

Major Natural Regions : Characteristics, economic base and human adaptation.

  • Regional Geography of Developed Countries : Canada, U.S.A., Western Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Regional Geography of Developing Countries : S.E. Asia, S.W. Asia, China, Southern Africa and Brazil.
  • Regional Geography of South Asia.

Geography of India

i) Physical Setting

  • Landforms, drainage, climate, soils and natural vegetation.

ii) Economic Base

  • Minerals & energy resources, aquatic resources, forest resources; irrigation, agriculture and industries; trade and commerce.

iii) Population

  • Growth, distribution and density; demographic characteristics.

iv) Environmental problems, developmental issues and regional planning.

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