Does The Elephant Dance Ebook free download – Free E Books

Does The Elephant Dance Ebook free download – Free E Books

Does the elephant Dance? Contemporary Indian Foreign policy, compiled by David M. Malone, is an excellent resource on the current Foreign Policies of India.

Summary of the BookDoes The Elephant Dance Ebook free download - Free E Books

As a developing economy, India has been making its mark on the global front in every field. Its relationship with other countries is of utmost significance in this context. The author attempts to detail on the important features of Indian Foreign Policy in this educative book.

He also recognizes the relevance of these policies considering the history of India. The book also discusses how these foreign policies affect domestic politics, internal and external security issues, and national and international economic factors.

This book is essential for students, professionals and for those who like to keep themselves updated about the political scenarios of the country and other current affairs.

About David M. Malone

David M. Malone was born in Canada. He was the former president of the International Peace Institute. His work has been referred to and quoted on international affairs, relations between the US and the UN.

He was also the President of the International Development Research Centre and also worked as the UN Under-Secretary General, Rector of the United Nations University, in Tokyo.

David writes frequently on subjects like International Security and Development.

He has authored books such as

  • The Law and Practice of the United Nations,
  • Preventing a Future Generation of Conflict in Iraq,
  • The UN Security Council from Cold War to Twenty-First Century,
  • Unilateralism and US Foreign Policy and From Reaction to Conflict Prevention.