Fake News India pdf [Burning Issue] – Impact Of Fake News In India UPSC

Fake News India [Burning Issue] – Impact Of Fake News In India UPSC – Hello friends Welcome to Studydhaba.com . Here We are sharing An Important Issue About fake News In India. In recent Time It is The Most dangerous and Most Discussed Topic In India .

In Every Part Of India People Discussing About Fake News and Its impact On Indian Society . So In this Post We Will Discuss About Fake news India and Its Impact . How We can Regulate Fake News In India .

Fake news is termed as yellow journalism. The news is a security challenges as it may cause communal violence, destabilize government and commercial threat to economy.

What is The Meaning Of Fake News ?

Fake news refers to the deliberate creation of misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media shaping the belief of people around the nation and world.

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It is said that ” False travels around the whole world while truth is about to put on shoes”.Media being the 4th estate carries the important role of keeping informed citizens with truthFake news counters this central objective.

What gives rise to the fake news?


Topic Details
Lack of regulation
  • The online platforms, unlike the mainstream media, do not fall under comprehensive regulation.
  • A number of online news/information portals are being set up due to the lack of proper entry barriers.
  • The lack of binding rules and the ability to keep owners and editors private, offers a larger scope for wrongdoing in case of online platforms.
  • There is No Proper Regulation for Fake News In India .
Communal polarisation
  • The growing polarisation of society on ideological lines has made the job of spreading fake news easier.
  • Also, the spread of hatred-inducing content among leaders/groups of the opposing ideologies, further deepens the prevailing communal hatred.
  • Many people using Fake News as tool of Spreading Hatered In India.
  • Almost All Political Parties Have Their Own IT cell Which They Use for Vote Gain By Spreading Fake News .
Quick Gains or Making Money
  •  Spreading false news is becoming a way to make advertising money through click baits.
  • In India, numerous sites are being set up to commercialise fake news with click-bait headlines.
  • Users are enticed with multiple link pages to click and continue reading making the content go viral.
  • This is the best Way of getting huge traffic In India Or Across the World .
  • People like Masala type News And This help Fake News generator to Make More Money .
Cheap Data Plans 
  • The proliferation of technology, cheap smartphones, and reasonable data rates has enabled the Democratization of online content.
  • The flip side is that the speed of content distribution has made traditional journalistic controls of verification unfeasible.
  • In Recent times More Number Of people Connected With Internet .
  • If We Look At the Number Of People using Internet Most of them use Internet For times Pass By using facebook and Whatsapp .
  • Facebook and Whatsapp Are The Mains tools Which people use For Fake News .


Why is fake news is dangerous? – What Are The Impact Of Fake News on Indian Society ?

  1. Fake News can can disturb the social fabric of the society and tensions among communities persists for long times.
  2. It can Reduce Co Operation Between Different Communities and Sections of Society.
  3. Fake News can lead to violence between two or more communities thereby creating enmity and hatred between them.
  4. Fake News Is the best tool for Indian political Party By  Polarizing Voters Mind, This Further Intensifies tension Between different Communities Of Society .
  5. Fake News Spread hate and this Lead to Lynching of Many people . In Recent times We Have Seen many People Were Lynched on The Basis Of fake News .
  6. In its purest form, fake news is completely made up, manipulated to resemble credible journalism and attract maximum attention and, with it, advertising revenue.
  7. Once exposed the credibility of genuine news is decreased.
  8. Can create adverse opinion for any subject or material.
  9.  Has the potential to be efficiently used for Malafide propaganda.


Areas Details
  • Swaying or polarising public opinion.
  • Example Recent American election,UP elections where certain facts are quoted out of context/partially.
  • Significant impact on the nature of polity.
  • Generating or reinforcing stereotypes Ex. NE are Chinese agents, Migrants are stealing away jobs,Muslim women will overrun the country.
  • This disrupts the social fabric of our society.
  • Promoting religious ideologies.
  • Glorifying one religion while despising others Ex. Hindutava and violence meted out by Gau rakshaks, Love Jihad Etc
  • Sensationalising crimes by blowing them out of proportion.
  • Misleads people rather than making them aware.
  • Creating Unnecessary Fear Among People.
Economic Impacts
  •  False information can cause market failures. Eg. Some tweets have caused the decline of stocks of some big MNCs.


Here is the Some Example Of Fake News Which Were Published in Recent Times

1. Republic TV: Jama Masjid in dark due to non-payment of electricity bills over four crores

2. Aaj Tak: Fatwa in Saudi Arabia that men can eat their wives if hungry

3. Times Now: Conversion rate card unearthed in Kerala

4. Times of India: CPM cyber warriors troll Australian cricketer Tom Moody after Moody’s upgrades India’s ratings

5. Zee News, ABP: Dawood Ibrahim’s assets worth 15,000 crores seized in UAE

6. Republic, Zee News, Times of India, Economic Times, Financial Express: President Kovind gains 3 million new followers in an hour

How can we control the fake news menace?

  • The online platforms for content distribution should create systems to filter fake news.
  • Users creating hate content and sharing it can be booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
  • But the challenge is the sheer expanse of the Internet and the anonymity it grants to the users and creators of fake news.
  • So, regulations like compulsory registration of details of editors, publishers and physical address of the registered entity could be brought, for digital media outlets.
  •  Mainstream media must use social media tools intensively in order to defend the truth, present the correct information and balance opinions
  • Curb media ownership. We need an open debate on the impact of media concentration on our democracy and wider culture. There should be clear limits on media ownership so that powerful proprietors with vested interests are not allowed to dominate the news agenda.
  • There should be grievance Redressal mechanisms and arbitration spaces to resolve issues
  • Independent, trusted and effective press regulation. In UK, Lord Justice Leveson gave recommendations on media self-regulation like- Formation of independent bodies to regulate the content, Rigorous internal editorial and advertising standards., Whistle blowing hotline for journalists etc
  • Digital media literacy among people to increase scrutiny and feedbacks of the content.

What Government Of India Can Do For regulating Fake News?

  1. The government must take the initiative to make all sections of the population aware of the realities of this information war and evolve a consensus to fight this war. It must also take strict action
  2. News being spread using chatbots and other automated pieces of software should automatically be selected for special screening. Ordinary consumers of news can play a big role by, first, waking up to the reality that all they read on WhatsApp and Twitter is not the gospel truth, and then, by refusing to pass on what they cannot independently verify with other sources.
  3. Websites that mimic well-known, credible media outlets in their name should be exposed with the vigour with which jokes are shared on social media.
  4. Government should have independent agency to verify the data being circulated in social and other media. The agency should be tasked with presenting real facts and figures.
  5. Government should have mechanism for immediately issuing of notice against sites/people/agencies involved in spreading fake news.
  6. There should be a provision of effective balances and check of filtering fake posts before it getting viral.
  7. Social media websites should be made accountable of such activities so that it becomes their responsibility to have better controlling restricting the spread of fake news.
  8. Government should take active measures for promoting awareness among people about fake news and their consequences.
  9. Government should enlist penal provisions to perpetrators of fake news if it causes violence or deaths.
  10. Government should make mandatory for Print and Electronic media to have internal mechanism for verifying incidents, facts and figures.
  11. Public should verify the accuracy and of reliability of any news or data either from government or any independent agency specifically involved in such task.
  12. Public should not blindly trust any sensitive news and should not forward it to others.
  13. Public should inform concerned department about any fake post as soon as they come across. They should act as active vigilant for maintaining peace and harmony in the society.
  14. NGO’s and other civil society groups can play important role in spreading awareness about the ill effects of fake news.

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