Father of Branches of Biology for SSC, UPSC, TNPSC, KPSC – Hello friends welcome to studydhaba.com.In this Article we are Giving you the List of Father of Various Biology Branches.

Father of Branches of Biology for SSC, UPSC, TNPSC, KPSC

Father of Branches of Biology

  1. Father of Botany –Theophrastus
  2. Father of Zoology –Aristotle
  3. Father of Biology -Aristotle
  4. Father of Modern Botany -Linnaeus
  5. Father of Endochrinology –Thomas Addison
  6. Father of Immunology –Edward Jenner
  7. Father of Agronomy -Peter De-cresenji
  8. Father of Genetics –GJ Mendel
  9. Father of Modern Genetics –TH Morgan
  10. Father of Biodiversity-EO Wilson
  11. Father of Cytology- Robert Hooke
  12. Father of Palynology- Erdtman
  13. Father of Mycology- Micheli
  14. Father of Indian Forestry –Sir Dietrich Brandis
  15. Father of Plant Physiology –Stephan Hales
  16. Father of Gene Therapy –Anderson
  17. Father of Indian Paleobotany –Birbal Sahani
  18. Father of Polygenic Inheritance –Kolreuter
  19. Father of Surgery and Plastic Surgery-Susruta
  20. Father of Anatomy-Herophilus
  21. Father of Ethology –Konard Lorentz
  22. Father of Cloning –Ian Willmut
  23. Father of Chemotherapy –Paul Ehrlich
  24. Father of Eugenics –Francis Galton
  25. Father of Bryology –Johann Hedwig
  26. Father of Indian Ecology- R Mishra
  27. Father of Mutation -Hugo De Vries
  28. Father of Indian Phycology –OP Iyengar
  29. Father of Genetic Engineering –Paul Berg
  30. Father of Ayurveda –Charka
  31. Father of Polio Vaccine –Jonas Salk
  32. Father of Taxonomy –Carolus Linnaeus
  33. Father of Embryology –Aristotle
  34. Father of Microscopy- Marcello Malpighi
  35. Father of Blood Circulation –William Harvey
  36. Father of Medicine- Hippocrates
  37. Father of Blood Groups- Karl Landsteiner
  38. Father of Radiation Genetics –HJ Muller
  39. Father of Palaentology –Leonardo da Vinci
  40. Father of Flistology –Francis Bichet
  41. Father of DNA Finger Printing –Garrod
  42. Father of ATP Cycle- Lipmann
  43. Father of Stress Physiology –Hans Selye
  44. Father of Gerontology –Korenchevsk
  45. Father of Bacteriology –Robert Koch
  46. Father of Antibiotics –Alexander Fleming
  47. Father of Pathology –Rudolph Virchow
  48. Father of Virology –WM Stanley
  49. Father of Epidemiology –John Snow
  50. Father of Endocrinology –Thomas Addison
  51. Father of Homeopathy- Hahnemann
  52. Father of Green Revolution –Norman Borlaug

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