Feminisation Of Agriculture – Problems Face By Women ,Solution – The ‘feminisation of agriculture’ is picking up pace in India.

  • According to Oxfam India, The women are responsible for about 60-80% of food the production and 90% of dairy production.
  • The Agriculture Census (2010-11) shows that out of an estimated 118.7 million cultivators, around 30% were
    females. Female Play An important Role
  •  Similarly, out of around 144 million agricultural labourers, nearly 42% were females.

Feminisation Of Agriculture – Problems Face By Women ,Solution

Notably, as per Census 2011, out of total female main workers, 55% were agricultural labourers and 24% cultivators.

However, only 12.8% of the operational holdings were owned by women, which reflected the gender disparity in ownership of landholdings in agriculture.

The Survey added that with women predominant at all levels — production, pre-harvest, post-harvest processing, packaging, marketing — of the agricultural value chain it is imperative to adopt gender specific interventions.

Feminisation Of Agriculture - Problems Face By Women ,Solution

Problems and Solutions

  1. Very Difficult To Get Loan From bank
  2. Land ownership
  3. No Equal pay For Women – Huge Difference In Wages For Women compare To Men
  4. Machine Or Latest Technical Tools Are very Difficult to Operate By Women
  5. No training for Agriculture
  6. Less Access To Resources Access Compare To Men

Solution Of Problem

  1. Government should Provide Loan With Collateral
  2. Provide More Training To Women For Agriculture
  3. Financial Literacy
  4. More Access To Resources
  5. Equal Pay For Both Man And Women
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