Forest Fires Problem In India Pdf – Essay,causes,Regions,Consequences -In recent times there are various instances of the forest fire in India, which has huge consequences. In India there are So many regions where This forest fire Problem Occur .

In this article we will discuss About All Areas,causes of Fire,Consequences and Steps taken by Indian government .

Forest Fires Problem In India Pdf - Essay,causes,Regions,Consequences

Forest Fires Problem In India Pdf – Essay,causes,Regions

Main Regions in India Where forest Fire Problem frequently Occur

Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest region In India . The States Comes under this region Are

  1. Odisha
  2. chattisgarh
  3. Karnataka
  4. Ap
  5. MP
  6. Jharkhand
  7. Assam
  8. Maharashtra

What Are the Main causes of forest fires In India

There Are mainly Two reasons Of forest fire In India

Man Made

  1. Discarded cigarettes /bidis
  2. power Line Spark
  3. Arson
  4. hot Rifle bullet fragments
  5. Shifting Cultivation

Natural Causes 

  1. Volcanic Erruption
  2. Dry Spells
  3. Temperature
  4. lighting
  5. Combustion

How is Indian Government policy responsible?

  1. The main cause of the forest fire crisis is due to the blanket implementation of no-fire forest policy.
  2. This approach of fire protection is not suitable to the ecology of India’s tropical dry forests.
  3. For example, the fires in Bandipur Reserve were difficult to control because of sufficient fuel supplied by the invasive species Lantana Camara.
  4. The no-fire policy was responsible for the spread of Lantana in the first place.
  5. Regular, low-intensity forest fires could have stopped the spread of Lantana in the past.
  6. But for now, the future forest fires will be difficult to control until Lantana is physically reduced first.

Consequences Of Forest Fires In India

  1. Forest fires cause serious health hazards by causing smoke and noxious gases by affecting the local climatic setup.
  2. Wild Life habitat Loss
  3. Loss of Biodiversity
  4. local climate Affected
  5. Forest Regeneration capacity Decreases
  6. They also result in increased CO2 levels and contribute to climate change.
  7. Loss of biodiversity and wildlife habitat affects the ecological setup that may cause problems with other natural resources like drying up of water resources, loss of soil fertility etc.
  8. Frequent forest fires in forested areas decrease the natural regeneration capacity of the environment.

What We Can Do Or Indian Government Can do for Preventing Forest Fire ?

  1. Awareness should be created among the villagers residing near the forests with respect to the long-term ill effects of forest fires.
  2. Measures to prevent forest fires have to be taken before summer season when fires are prevalent.
  3. Local people should be given skills to use online portals or mobile apps in order to monitor the forests for fires and inform forest authorities regarding the same.
  4. The government should make available the alternatives for greener pastures.
  5. Village people should have access to employment and sustainable livelihood opportunities through better connectivity and infrastructure.
  6. Officers at ground level shall work together with local people to bring a holistic solution

Forest Fires Problem In India Pdf – Essay,causes,Regions,Consequences

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