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Four bengali Sweets to get GI Tags – WB Current Affairs 2016

Four bengali Sweets to get GI Tags – WB Current Affairs 2016

Which four Sweets are Selected for GI Tags ? Name of the all Four Sweets are

With a view to protect  four traditional sweetmeat delicacies from imitations, the West Bengal government is planning to get Geographical Identification (GI) tag for them.

Which sweetmeat delicacies are included?

  • The four sweetmeats are ‘Moa’ of Jainagar, ‘Sarpuria’ of Krishnagar, and ‘Sitabhog’ and ‘Mihidana’ of Burdwan.


  • GI tag is necessary for these items to protect them from cheap imitations.
  • The Centre has plans to export sweets from the State and the GI tags would be of immense help in that endeavour.
  • There is a  necessity of maintaining quality of the sweets and their packaging which will help increase their shelf life.

About the sweets

  • While ‘Jainagar-er moa’ is made of puffed rice and date palm jaggery at Jainagar in South 24 Parganas district, Krishnagar of Nadia district is famous for ‘Sarpuria’ which is made of milk cream. ‘Sitabhog’ and ‘Mihidana’ are rice-based sweets from Burdwan.

Geographical Identification (GI) tag

  • What is a geographical indication (GI)?
    • A geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.
    • In order to function as a GI, a sign must identify a product as originating in a given place.
    • In addition, the qualities, characteristics or reputation of the product should be essentially due to the place of origin.
  • What right does a geographical indication provide?
    • A geographical indication right enables those who have the right to use the indication to prevent its use by a third party whose product does not conform to the applicable standards.
    • For example, in the jurisdictions in which the Darjeeling geographical indication is protected, producers of Darjeeling tea can exclude use of the term “Darjeeling” for tea not grown in their tea gardens or not produced according to the standards set out in the code of practice for the geographical indication.
    • However, a protected geographical indication does not enable the holder to prevent someone from making a product using the same techniques as those set out in the standards for that indication.
    • Protection for a geographical indication is usually obtained by acquiring a right over the sign that constitutes the indication.

For what type of products can Geographical indications be used?

  • Geographical indications are typically used for agricultural products, foodstuffs, wine and spirit drinks, handicrafts, and industrial products.

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