General Science Mock Test 1 – For UPSC,SSC,RRB,CPO,GD Constable – Here We are sharing Mock Test from General Science Biology for UPSC And Other Competitive Exams . Try to Solve These Questions For Better Preparation .

General Science Mock Test 1 - For UPSC,SSC,RRB,CPO,GD Constable

General Science Mock Test 1 – For UPSC,SSC,RRB,CPO,GD Constable

1.Silvi culture is the branch of botany in which we study about-

  1. Culture of algae
  2. Development of ofrest
  3. Culture of fungi
  4. Siliciphida plant

2.Study of internal structure of plant-

  1. Morphology
  2. Anatomy
  3. Cology
  4. Taxonomy

3.Study of pollen grain is called-

  1. Pomology
  2. Polynology
  3. Phocology
  4. Mycology

4. Estimatin of age of woody plant by counting annual ring is-

  1. Dendrology
  2.  Denrochronolgy
  3. Agronomy
  4. Demography

5. Study of growing plant without soil in water containing nutrient is-

(a) Hydrotonics
(b) Hydrophonics
(c) Hypotonics
(d) None

6. In Exo-biology we study about-

(a) External structure of living beings
(b) Life present on the earth
(c) Life present in the other layer of earth atmosphere
(d) Life found in space and on other Satellite.

7. Xenobiotics which are inherently resistant to microbial attack are called as-

(a) Biodegradable
(b) All of the given optins
(c) Recalcitrant Persistent

8. Curd is sour due to presence of

(a) Citric Acid

(b) Lactic Acid
(c) Acetic Acid
(d) None of these

9. EBOL is a –

(a) Virus (b) Bacteria
(c) Protozoa (d) Fungi

10. Virus that infect bacteria are called

(a) Bacteriophages (b) Basophils
(c) Basal body
(d) Basidiospores

11. Desease caused by HIV-

  1. Tuberculosis
  2. Cancer
  3. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
  4. None Of The Above

12. The biggest single- celled organism is

(a) Yeast
(b) Acetabularia
(c) Acetobacter
(d) Amoeba

13.Agar – Agar is obtained from –

(a) Fungi (b) Algae
(c) Moss (d) Bacteria

14. Red rot of sugarcane is caused by

(a) Colletotrichum falcatum
(b) Cercospora percoruata
(c) Alternaria alternate
(d) Phylophthora infestans

15. Aflatoxins are produced by –

(a) Fungi (b) Bacteria
(c) Algae (d) Viruses

16. Statements:

1. In Gymnosperms, seeds are enclosing in side fruits.
2. Dicots and monocots are included in Angiospersm.

  1. Both Statements 1 and 2 are correct.
  2. Both Statements 1 and 2 are incorrect.
  3. Statement 1 is correct, but Statement 2 is incorrect.
  4. Statement 1 is incorrect, but Statement 2 is Correct

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