Recommended Books List For Commerce & Accountancy

Recommended Books List For Commerce & Accountancy

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Recommended Books List For Commerce & Accountancy


  1. Accounting
  •  Corporate Accounting – Naseem Ahmed (A very good & simple book to cover entire topics, selected topics only)
  • Accounting Standards- D. S. Rawat (Cover AS 1-20, 22 & 26 in detail & practice numerical also)

     2. Cost Accounting

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  • Cost Accounting; Theory & Problems- Maheshwari & Mittal (Selected topics to cover syllabus of UPSC only)
     3. Auditing
  • Students’ Guide to Auditing- Aruna Jha (Taxmann) (Selected topics only)
   4. Taxation- Income Tax, Service Tax & VAT
  • Income Tax book by- V.K. Singhania or Girish Ahuja
  5. Financial Management
  • Financial Management; Text & Problems- Khan & Jain (ALL CHAPTERS,sufficient to cover the entire syllabus)
   6. Financial Markets & Institutions
  • Indian Financial System- M.Y. Khan
  • Financial Institutions & Markets- L.M. Bhole


      1. Organisation Theory & Behaviour
  •  Organisation Theory & Behaviour- B.P. Singh & T.N. Chabra
  • Organisation Behaviour- L.M. Prasad
      2. Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management- C.B.Gupta
  • Human Resource Management- K. Ashwathapa (Tata McGraw Hill)
       3. Industrial Relations
  • Industrial Relations- T.N. Chabra & R.K.Suri
  • Dynamics of Industrial Relations- C.B. Mamoria & Satish Mamoria
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