IAS 2018 Culture Book Download Pdf – Free UPSC Materials IAS 2018

IAS 2018 Culture Book Download Pdf – Free UPSC Materials IAS 2018 – Hello Friends Welcome to Studydhaba.com . Here We Are sharing indian art and culture book for ias prelims and mains 2018 exam.

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IAS 2018 Culture Book Download Pdf

IAS 2018 Culture Book Download Pdf – Free UPSC Materials IAS 2018

Indian Art – Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Literary Arts

Art can be further classified into three –

  1. Performing Arts
  2. Visual Arts
  3. Literary Arts

Certain art forms can be a mixture of more than one of these types.

Performing Arts – Dance, Music, Theater and Puppets

1. Dances of India – Classical, Regional

Classical Dances –

  1. Bharatnatyam
  2. Kathakali
  3. Kathak
  4. Manipuri
  5. Odissi
  6. Kuchipudi
  7. Sattriya
  • Also, learn the Regional Dances of India.

2. Music of India – Hindustani, Carnatic, and Regional Music

  1. Hindustani Classical Music
  2. Carnatic Classical Music
  3. Regional Music
Musical Instruments

(i) The Tata Vadya or Chordophones – Stringed instruments
(ii) The Sushira Vadya or Aerophones – Wind instruments
(iii) The Avanaddha Vadya or Membranophones – Percussion instruments
(iv) The Ghana Vadya or Idiophones – Solid instruments which do not require tuning.

3. Theatre Forms of India

  1. Traditional
  2. Modern

Also, learn the Puppet Forms of India – String Puppets, Shadow Puppets, Rod Puppets and Glove Puppets.

Visual Arts – Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting

1. Indian Architecture

  • Pre-historic
  • Indus Civilization
  • Buddhist Architecture
  • Temple Architecture
  • Indo-Islamic Architecture
  • Modern Architecture

2. Indian Sculpture

  • Pre-historic
  • Indus Civilization
  • Buddhist Sculpture
  • Gupta Sculpture
  • Medieval School of Sculpture
  • Modern Indian Sculpture

3. Indian Painting

  • Wall Paintings of India
  • Miniature Painting
  • Modern Indian Painting

The author has provided a wide-ranged knowledge base on Indian art, paintings, music and architecture with the help of several pictures and diagrams. The content is also supported with a plethora of questions that will help students to prepare for the examination.

To Download this Book in pdf form click on this link- IAS 2018 Culture Book 

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