IAS 2019 Preparation Strategy BY UPSC Topper Suyash Chavan – 1st Attempt – Hello friends welcome to studydhaba.com . Here We are sharing Preparation Strategy For UPSC 2019 Exam. you can check full Strategy Given below .

Important Points You should keep In Mind Before Start UPSC Preparation 

  • First of all, you should Prepare your Mind for this battle !
  • You will find a lot of answers, guidance videos and booklists for UPSC preparation.

IAS 2019 Preparation Strategy BY UPSC Topper Suyash Chavan - 1st Attempt

IAS 2019 Preparation Strategy BY UPSC Topper Suyash Chavan – 1st Attempt

Stage 1 –

  • Why UPSC? Why not something unique? It is safe to say that you are sufficiently inspired? Do you have the correct direction/guide?

Stage 2 –

  • Do you have a back up plan prepared ? If not, thoroughly consider it. It will enable you to battle bravely.

Stage 3 –

  • Study the Pattern from earlier year papers and furthermore the Syllabus. Your Syllabus is your Bible.

Stage 4 –

  • Set a timetable, a due date, the date of your first Prelims – Just one last endeavor to accomplish your objective. Leave adequate time before the D-Day to plan.

Stage 5 –

  • Observe the effective and unsuccessful hopefuls precisely. Gain from other’s errors.

Stage 6 –

  • Classes – yes or no? On the off chance that you as of now have the correct direction – No. Dont pursue the crowd aimlessly.
  • Join in the event that you are totally lost/dont have anybody to manage/dont trust online direction/have parcel of additional time and cash.
  • Do join a class for Mains and Interview Mock exams.

Stage 7 –

  • Study the booklist and purchase 1 or at the most 2 exam arranged books for each area of the prospectus

Stage 8 –

  • Know HOW to think about similar books to score more checks – your Key to progress!

Stage 9 –

  • Use innovation and all assets accessible to you proficiently. Quit cribbing about your conditions. Avoid antagonism.

Stage 10 –

  • Prepare for Interview, Mains and Prelims from Day 1. Your fundamental spotlight ought to be on Mains prep. Leave at least 2-3 months for committed Prelims arrangement

Stage 11 –

  • Be imaginative, creative in your methodology. Concentrate distinctive methodologies and build up your own.
  • There are individuals getting ready for a considerable length of time together, if your one endeavor is to coordinate to their principles and beat them, you should be exceptionally Smart!
  • Comprehend what comprises “Shrewd Work”

Stage 12 –

  • Revise routinely.

Step 13 –

  • Preparation is just 40% of the task. Remaining 60% is the actual battle.
  • Practice answer writing and attend mock interviews – dont overdo, just understand your drawbacks and worl on them before the final battle.
  • Remember, a War may last just a day but a Warrier is not made in a day! You need to fight the battle in your brain a thousand times each day before the actual battle.
  • Exam starts from Day 1 of your preparation. The way you handle stress, depression, frustration, negativity is also a part of this exam.
  • You’ll find individual strategies for Prelims, Mains and Personality Test on the internet.

IAS 2019 Preparation Strategy BY UPSC Topper Suyash Chavan – 1st Attempt

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