IAS Prelims 2018 Most Important 75 Topics List – UPSC Prelims 2018 – To cater this need of relevant topics to be studied for IAS Examination, we bring to you this article with 75 Most Important topics, from the Subjects like History, Geography, Science & Technology, Economy and other important subjects which must be prepared well as questions from these topics are expected the most.

IAS Prelims 2018 Most Important 75 Topics List – UPSC Prelims 2018

IAS Prelims 2018 Most Important 75 Topics List - UPSC Prelims 2018

Indian History & Government of India – Laws, Acts & Reforms

  1. Important Personalities of Indian Freedom Struggle
  2. Revolt of 1857 – Causes, Centres of Revolt, Important Leaders, Suppression of the Revolt
  3. Governor General and Viceroys chronology, their major achievements & significant Events during their rule
  4. Economic Impact of British Rule of Agriculture, Industries etc. And important Movements Against British Rule: Swadeshi, Rowlett Satyagraha, Chamaparan, Ahmedabad Mills Strike, Non-Cooperation, Anti-Simon Commission Protests, Quit India Movement etc
  5. Delhi Sultanate & Mughals chronology and Indus Valley Civilization and Mauryan Empire
  6. Constitutional Development – Regulating Act 1773, Pitts India Act 1784, Charter Act 1813, Charter Act 1833, Government of India Act 1858, Indian Councils Act 1861,1892 and 1909, Government of India Act 1919 and 1935.
  7. Indian National Congress: Events Preceding Formation of INC, Important Sessions and Leaders of INC
  8. Fundamental Rights, DPSPs and Fundamental Duties and other Important Constitutional Amendments
  9. Parliament and State Legislature
  10. Local Government (PRIs and ULBs) & Administration of Schedule and Tribal Areas
  11. Constitutional Posts – President, Vice President, Council of Ministers, Governors, CM etc along with Chronology of Indian Prime Ministers and presidents with the period of their tenure.
  12. Constitutional Bodies like UPSC, EC, CAG, Attorney General, Finance Commission, NCSC, NCST & Non-Constitutional Bodies like NHRC, CVC, CIC, Planning Commission, NDC
  13. Important Articles of the Constitution
  14. Subjects of Union, State and Concurrent List
  15. Important Socio-Religious Reform Movements: Personalities, Organisations and their Agenda

Economy, Capital and Money Markets And other Important Topics

Measurement of Economy:

  • GDP, GNP, Per Capita Income, GDP at Market Prices and at Factor Cost, GDP deflator, Base year Concept


  • Causes, Important terms such as Disinflation, Deflation, Stagflation, Steps taken to reduce Inflation, Inflation linked Bonds

Taxation System in India:

  • Direct and Indirect Taxes, Important Taxes such as Corporate Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Octroi Duty
  • Fringe Benefits Tax, Minimum Alternate Tax etc,
  • DTAA and Tax Information Exchange Agreement
  • Tax Havens, Transfer Pricing, Advanced Pricing Agreement and Arms-Length Principle
  • Direct Tax Code, GST, General Anti-Avoidance Rules(GAAR)

Monetary Policy:

  • RBI, Tools- SLR, CRR, Bank Rate, LAF etc, Banking Structure in India, NPAs, Financial Inclusion, Universal Banking, White label ATMs, Differentiated Banks, NBFCs etc

Fiscal Policy:

  • Stages in the Passage of Budget, Different Deficits such as Revenue Deficit, Effective Revenue Deficit, FD and PD, Deficit Financing etc

Balance of payments:

  • Current Account and Capital Account, Current Account deficit, Rupee Convertibility, Currency Appreciation, Depreciation and Devaluation, Forex Reserves, External Debt.

Important Indices: 

  • HDI, GDI, GII, GHI etc

Human Development:

  • Government schemes and Programmes for the welfare of SCs, STs, Women, Children, Senior Citizens, Disabled and for the development of Health, Education, Skills etc
  • Free Trade Agreements, Regional Trading Blocks
  • WTO – Agreement on Agriculture
  • TRIPS, GATS, TBT, Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary Measures etc

International Trade & International Financial Institutions

  • World Bank, IMF, BRICS Development Bank
  • Agriculture, Industry and Service Sector in India
  • Poverty and Unemployment in India
  • Energy, Infrastructure and Communication
  • Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • Economic Survey and Union Budget.


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