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IFOS Interview Transcripts 2018

IFOS Interview Transcripts 2018 – Questions Asked in IFOS 2018


Board : Shri. Manoj Soni

Date 06-02-2018

Chairman + 3 members ( including 1 lady member) 

Duration: 20 minutes


  1. Science of rainfall?
  2. Opinion on Elephant man conflict
  3. Why IFS?
  4. Technological solutions for man animal conflict
  5. Technological solution for watershed management
  6. Namakkal district
  7. Romulus whittaker and Guindy
  8. Genetic diversity
  9. Gene pool
  10. Questions on Ecology
  11. Benefit sharing with tribals.
  12. Have you visited ifs website
  13. Where is training institute in Tamilnadu
  14. Plantation in your district
  15. What type of plants what is the criteria
  16. Any afforestation programme
  17. Why elephant migrate?

IFOS Interview Transcripts 2018 – Questions Asked in IFOS 2018


Board – Smt. Sujatha Mehta

Date – 05-02-2018

Background – Tamil Nadu, Civil engineer

Chairman + 3 members ( including 1 lady member) 

Duration: 20 minutes


  1. Tell me about your Educational background.
  2. Tell me about your extra-curricular activities ( this question had several follow up questions based on my hobbies DAF  )
  3.  How will you manage water resources being a civil engineer?
  4. Are dams damaging ecology?

Member 1 (Lady)

  1. What is synergy survey?
  2. Grassland ecosystem?
  3. Shola?
  4. Anamalai tiger reserve?
  5.  Minor forest produce?
  6. Elephant reserves in Tamilnadu?
  7. Use of radio collar?
  8. Forest fires?
  9. Sacred groves?

Member 2

  1. Water crisis in India?
  2.  Solution for water crisis in India?   ( these two  questions went for 5 solid minutes )

Member 3

  1. Why is census needed?
  2. How tiger census works?
  3. Watershed management?
  4. Difference between western and eastern ghats?
  5. Where do they meet?
  6. Species of Western and Eastern Ghats?
  7. Highest Peaks in India?

Very Very cordial board

IFOS Interview Transcripts 2018 – Questions Asked in IFOS 2018


Board: Dr.Manoj Soni 

Background: Veterinary science and Animal Husbandry.

Hobby: Making Rangoli, Tanjore Painting.

Date: 08:02.2018


  1. So u do rangoli ??
  2. Tell me the significance of rangoli ?
  3. Don’t u think these values and culture are getting   faded in society day by day , reason for it ??
  4. Why IFS ?

1st Member

  1. How do u increase productivity in Livestock animal ?
  2. How to preserve the indigenous breed of cattle ?
  3. How would u control illegal poaching in wild animals ?
  4. What is women empowerment ?
  5. Status of women in tribal societies ?
  6. Tribal women makes some product ,how would help tribal women to increase their income?

2nd Member

  1. How do u estimate number of wild animals ?
  2. What is the procedure of vaccination in wild animals ?
  3. What is darting ?
  4. What is zoonosis ? example ?
  5. What is anthrapo-zoonosis ? example ?
  6. Scientific name of peacock ? details of the national bird ?

3rd Member

  1. National park located in heart of your city ( Hyderabad )?
  2. How is national park declared and comes under which act ?
  3. What is the name of zoo park in ur city ? unique feature of the zoo ?
  4. Captive breeding, in-situ and ex-situ breeding?
  5. Name the famous breed of united Andhra Pradesh ? describe it ?
  6. Biodiversity act when was it formed? implemented? What are its objective?
  7. How would u preserve the traditional knowledge?
  8. What is joint forest management? How is it helpful.
  9. You have spent most of your life in city ..will it not be difficult for you to work in forest and rural areas ?

IFOS Interview Transcripts 2018 – Questions Asked in IFOS 2018


Board : Mr. Manoj Soni

Back Ground: Info Tech

Date : 08.02.2018


  1. last 3 years were u studying?
  2. Historical aspects of Allahabad?
  3. Why IT is so called,why not Comp Scence.
  4. Diff b/w Sci and Tech.with proper example.
  5. Diff b/w CS and IT?

1st Member (Lady)

  1. How your knowledge can help Forest Dept.
  2. Have you met tribal? can ur tech help them,
  3. Is it reliable for them,
  4. What about there education.

2nd Member

  1. Any forest u visited.(told mudumai).then he asked in UP(I told Dudhua TR):
  2. which Dist it belong..He told it is not situated in only one dist.
  3. Discussed animan man conflict.
  4. Diff b/w both forest area.
  5. Do u think elephant is there in Dudhua NP
  6. Apart from differences b/w Allahabad and Chennai what similarities do u see?
  7. Why u studied in Chennai?

4th Member

  1. How Tech can help in preservation of forest.
  2. About IT forest cover etc.( I talked abt remote sensing )
  3. About joint forest anagement , discussed its committee.
  4. Tell about services provided by forest apart form NTFP,
  5. Why u want to join IFS.
  6. List medicinal plants found in forest?

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