In comparison to the temperate fishing, tropical fishing is insignificant not only in terms of quantity but also quality.” Elucidate.

Answer – Tropical fishing is practiced within tropical areas (30° north and south of Equator). The major tropical fish-producing countries are China, Peru, Chile, Indonesia India, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc.In comparison to the temperate fishing, tropical fishing is insignificant not only in terms of quantity but also quality." Elucidate.

Some of the reasons as to why tropical fishing is insignificant not only in terms of quantity but also quality in comparison to temperate fishing are:-

Lack of Plankton-

  • The tropical waters are warm in comparison to temperate waters. Therefore, warm water is not apt for plankton growth. An abundant amount of plankton is needed for fish concentration.

High Temperature-

  • Tropical areas are hot and this becomes difficult for fishermen to undertake fishing activities as well as the preservation of fish becomes difficult.

Variety of Species-

  • Variety of fish species are intermingled in tropical seas. Large number of these species are not edible and, sometimes, toxic. So, sizable amount of the fish catch is generally discarded. Cost of fish production thus increases

Lack of Shallow Shelf-

  • It is believed that shallow continental shelf are natural breeding grounds for fishes. But the tropical waters lack shallow shelf and devoid of banks and therefore there is less quantity of fish found in tropical waters.

Lack of indented coastline-

  • It is believed that broken coastlines are suitable for constructing fishing harbours.
  • But there is the absence of such indented coastline in the tropical waters.

Under-developed Economy-

  • The major backdrop in the tropical countries is the lack of requisite technology and modern equipment as well as low investment in the fishing industry in comparison to temperate countries which give impetus to the industry.
  • Eg. Major developed countries are having well developed fishing industry.

Low investment:

  • It creates a vicious circle. Due to low income, people have very little surplus. So, they cannot invest more in fishing.
  • So, low investment leads to low production and very little surplus. Fishermen remain poor over the years.

Major fishing grounds of the world are in temperate regions (temperate fishing area)

  • Grand Bank, Georges Bank of NW Atlantic, Dogger Bank of NE Atlantic
  • SE and NE Pacific Ocean, sea of Japan, Norwegian sea.
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