India First Biofuel Flight Was powered By Jatropha Seeds – The first biofuel-based flight in India successfully completed its journey from Dehradun to Delhi. India-based flight operator SpiceJet operated the test flight powered by biojet fuel, marking a new chapter in the fast-growing domestic aviation sector.

Important Facts About Biofuel Powered Flight

  1. This Was the first time When Flight Was tested With Biofuel In India.
  2. It Was A Successful Test Flight.
  3. This test Was Carried Out By India Based Spice jet Company.
  4. Flight Was tested between Dehradun And Delhi.

Biofuel Composition Used In Plane

  • This plane had carried blend of 25% of bio jet fuel (derived from jatropha seeds) and 75% of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) in one of the two engines of plane.
  • while other carried only ATF. This flight was technological demonstration that bio jet fuel can be used in flights.International standards permit a blend rate of up to 50% biofuel with ATF.
  • The blend of bio jet fuel and ATF has potential to reduce fuel costs by 15 – 20 Percent.

Biojet fuel is low cost and helps in significantly reducing carbon emissions. “It has the potential to reduce our dependence on traditional aviation fuel by up to 50 percent on every flight and bring down fares

Significance of Biofuels In Aviation Industry And For Environment

  • Bio Jet Fuel in Green House Gas neutral or We can Say It is Environment Friendly.
  • It Reduces Air Pollution.
  • Bring Down The cost of jet Oil which We Import in India.
  • Commercialization of Bio Fuel for Aviation Industry Will Bring Growth In both formal and Informal Sector Of India.
  • India Is Agriculture Based Economy. More farmer Will get good Income From Bio Fuel.
  • The use of bio jet fuel will help in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by about 15% and sulfur oxides (SOx) emissions by over 99%.

About Jatropha

India First Biofuel Flight Was powered By Jatropha Seeds

  • Jatropha curcus is a drought-resistant perennial, growing well in marginal/poor soil. It is easy to establish, grows relatively quickly and lives, producing seeds for 50 years.
  • Jatropha the wonder plant produces seeds with an oil content of 37%.
  • The oil can be combusted as fuel without being refined.
  • It burns with clear smoke-free flame, tested successfully as fuel for simple diesel engine. The by-products are press cake a good organic fertilizer, oil contains also insecticide.
  • It is found to be growing in many parts of the country, rugged in nature and can survive with minimum inputs and easy to propagate.

Distribution and habitat 

  • It is still uncertain where the centre of origin is, but it is believed to be Mexico and Central America.
  • It has been introduced to Africa and Asia and is now culti-vated world-wide.
  • This highly drought-resistant spe-cies is adapted to arid and semi-arid conditions.
  • The current distribution shows that introduction has been most successful in the drier regions of the tropics with annual rainfall of 300-1000 mm.
  • It occurs mainly at lower altitudes (0-500 m) in areas with average an-nual temperatures well above 20°C but can grow at higher altitudes and tolerates slight frost.
  • It grows on well-drained soils with good aeration and is well adapted to marginal soils with low nutrient content.

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