India National De worming Programme – Benefits,Significance,guidelines – To support the Government of India to, by 2020, successfully implement an evidence-based, nationally-mandated deworming programme that reaches at least 75% of children.

India has the greatest number of children with soil-transmitted helminths infections in the world – more than 220 million. This means India accounts for over one quarter of the world’s infected children.

This programme will make targeted investments in up to eight Indian states, so they can conduct high-quality, cost-effective, school-based deworming programmes to reach 75% of children.

This work will spread awareness and act as a model to be replicated nationwide by building national government commitment for deworming, establishing routine deworming days and creating demand from the remaining state governments.

India National De worming Programme - Benefits,Significance,guidelines

The National De- worming Day

is an initiative of

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare + Government of India to make every child in the country worm free.

  • This is one of the largest public health programs reaching large number of children during a short period.
  • More than 836 million children are at risk of parasitic worm infections worldwide.

According to World Health Organisation 241 million children between the ages of 1 and 14 years are at risk of parasitic intestinal worms in

What is Deworming?

  • Deworming is a process to kill worms commonly tape, round and hook worm, that infest bodies of children
    below 18 years of age.
  • As per the guidelines, children aged below two years are given 200 gm of Albendazole tablet, a drug to treat
    parasitic worm infestation, and school-going children are administered 400 mg tablets.
  • The Albendazole tablet paralyses the muscles of these worms, the worm loses its grip of intestinal tract and is
    flushed out of the human body.
  • A worm takes six months to mature and start sucking, therefore the exercise is carried out biannually.
  • Deworming has no serious side effects, but it can cause nausea and vomiting if a child has worms.
  • The medicine disrupts the worms which leads to uneasiness in the stomach.

Why is the significance of De worming?

  • Parasitic worms and their larvae are generally found in contaminated food and water.
  • In slums children walk bare feet and they frequently contract worms.
  • The worm first enters the blood circulation system and its larvae land up in the larynx, from where it finally
    reaches the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The hook, round and tapeworm grow by sucking blood from its host in this case the human body.
  • Loss of blood leads to a drop in haemoglobin level and causes anaemia, thus Deworming kills these worms and
    helps prevent anaemia.
  • The National Family Health Survey-3 data suggests anaemia is widely prevalent in all age groups.
  • Its prevalence is 56 per cent among adolescent girls (aged 15-19) and 70 per cent among children below five

What are the other initiatives of government in this regard?

  • Under the National Iron Plus Initiative Union Health Ministry is providing weekly dose of iron and folic acid
    tablets to children aged 1-18 years.
  • This is to prevent iron deficiency and chances of anaemia.
  • Various municipal schools in India conduct this drive by giving a weekly dose of 100 mg iron and 500 mg folic
    acid to adolescents (10-19 years), dosage varies for different age groups.

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