India ranking different Indexes 2016 pdf -India Ranking 2016,2015

India ranking different Indexes 2016 pdf – Hello Friends Welcome to . In this Post we are providing you List of India Ranking In Different Competitive Indexes in 2015 and 2016.This is A very important topic For Any Competitive Exam.

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Some of Reports Are Not Published Yet . So We Will keep updating This Post When New Reports Will be released .

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India ranking different Indexes 2016 pdf

India ranking different Indexes 2016 pdf

Most of these indexes Are from January 2016 to April 2016. Rest of these indexes Are yet to release .

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SNIndexIndia RankingTop Ranked Country
1World’s most valuable nation brands report 2016
  • India ranked 7th in This Report
  • USA Is Most Valued Nation In This Ranking
  1. USA
  2. CHINA
  4. JAPAN
  5. UK
2Global Competitiveness Index 2016
  1. India Ranked 39th
  2. Jump 16 Positions
  3. Index prepared By -World Economic Forum
  4. Last year India Was Ranked 55th 
  5. In BRICS Country India 2nd Most Competitive Country .
  6. China First In BRICS
Top 5 Countries 

  1. Switzerland
  2. Singapore
  3. USA
  4. Nether land
  5. Germany
3Global Innovation Index 2016
  • India ranking in Global innovation index -66th
  1. Switzerland
  2. Sweden
  3. United kingdom
  4. United States of America
  5. Finland
4World’s Best Countries for doing Business 2016
  • —-
Yet to Release
5World Press Freedom Index 2016India Ranking 133thFinland topped the Index
6Global Peace Index 2016
  • India Ranked 141 out of 163 Countries
  • India Is Less peace Full Country in World
  1. Iceland
  2. Denmark
  3. Austria
  4. New Zealand
  5. Portugal
7FM Global Resilience Index 2016
  • India Ranked 107th
  1. Switzer Land
  2. Norway
  3. Ireland
  4. Germany
  5. Luxembourg
8Global Environment Performance Index 2016
  • 155th Rank India
  1. Finland topped the List
9Human development index 2016
  • Yet to release
  • yet to
10Global Hunger Index Report 2016
  • Global Hunger index 2016 India Ranked 97
  • The Index was adopted and further developed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI),
  • it was first published in 2006 with the Welthungerhilfe, a Germannon-profit organization (NGO).
  • Since 2007, the Irish NGO Concern World wide joined the group as co-publisher.
11Corruption Index 2016India ranks 76

  • The Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI)
  • Denmark tops of the index
  • It scored 91 points
  • while North Korea and Somalia remained at the bottom with unchanged scores of 8.
12World happiness Index 2016India ranks 118th in happiness index

  • The World Happiness Report 2016
  • Published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)
  • a global initiative of the United Nations.
  •  Denmark took the top spot
  •  displacing Switzerland,
13Intellectual Property (IP) Index 2016India was ranked 37 out of 38 countries

  • The Index — produced by the Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC)

Is based on 30 criteria critical to innovation including

  1. patent
  2. copyright and trademark protections,
  3. Enforcement
  4. Engagement in international treaties,
  •  India was ranked 37 out of 38 only
  • Venezuela scoring lower
14Global talent competitiveness Index 2016India slips to 89th rank 

  • Released by INSEAD business school in partnership with Adecco Group and the Human Capital Leadership Institute of Singapore.
  • Switzerland is followed by Singapore, Luxembourg,
  • the United States and Denmark in the top five positions
15 World bank Logistics Index 2016 India Ranked 35th in this Index

  • India has now been ranked 35 amongst 160 countries compared to rank of 54 in LPI 2014.
  • India Jumped 16 Places this time
  •  Germany topped This Index
  • USA Ranked 10th in This Index ranking
16Health Index 2016 
  • Index report released by – United Nations general Assembly
  • India ranked 143rd Out of 188 Countries
  • Index topped By – Iceland and Followed By Singapore

Main parameters of index Are 

  1. Mortality Rate
  2. Malaria
  3. Hygiene
  4. Air Pollution


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India’s ranking in Different Indexes 2015

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SNIndexRank of IndiaIndex topped By Country

Global Competitiveness Index 2014


Global Peace Index.


Corruption Index


Environmental Democracy Index 2015


World Happiness index 2015


World Bank  Ease of Doing Business


World Economic Forum’s 2015 Gender gap index


Global Hunger Index Report 2014


Human Development Index 2014


Intellectual property (IP) environment 2015


World Press Freedom Index 2015


World’s best countries for doing business 2014


Global Peace Index 2014


Global Innovation Index 2015


2015 FM Global Resilience Index.