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Indian History Major Events List pdf Download - Indian History Events E-book Pdf

Indian History Major Events List pdf Download – Indian History Events E-book Pdf -major events in india from 1947 to 2017 pdf

1: 1707 AD -Death of brutal nawab Aurangzeb followed by termination of vast mughal empire and rise of East India company.

2. 1757 -The Battle of Plassey. British east India company won against Siraj ud-Daulah by bribing Mir Jafar and the starting point of consolidation of British empire. it is very important in Indian history because Bengal was made trade capital and further settlements were done from the same place.

3: 1761 and 1764-The Battle of panipat and buxer. Maratha v/s foreign invader ahmedshah abdali and east India company v/s Mir Qasim respectively.maratha couldn’t control over North India and east India company became more powerful.lakhs of people were died in this two wars.

4: 1829: William Beneticks, the Governor General of India passed a law abolishing the custom of Sati.the man behind for this was Ram Mohan Roy. According to this law the custom of sati became illegal and punishable as culpable homicide. Raja ram Mohan Roy also opposed child-marriage and supported widow remarriage.

5: 1857 : india’s first war of independence.spread to entire country.indian sepoys v/s British east India company.again failure due to lack of unity,communication gap,unaware about global affairs etc.

6: 1915,1919, 1930: entry of gandhiji to country. filled enthusiasm in INC(Indian national Congress).(INC got many failures in theirs sessions and negotiations) followed by reestablishing unity between Hindu and Muslim.( Muslim league-1906,hindu maha sabha-1914).Gandhiji also started satyagraha. New hope for Indian people.( 1915)

7: 1947: and the great night arrived! Midnight of 15th August,1947.freedom at midnight!

8: 1962,1965 -Wars against Pakistan and China respectively.big blow to Indian economy.questions raised on national security.

9:1991-Starting of LPG (liberalization,privatization,globalization)era.indian market was opened across the globe.economy started rising then after.

10: 2016 -Most Important GST (Goods and service tax) bill was passed by both the houses.greatest move after LPG.Will reduce the tax structure.

However these all are events of modern Indian history. For Full Details About All Indian History Events Click on Download Link Given below to Download This E book 

Indian History Major Events Download – Indian History Events E-book Pdf