Indian Polity by LaINDIAN POLITY BY LAXMIKANTH BOOK REVIEWxamikanth is a very popular book for civil services examination particularly for Public Administration. In fact, till a few years back when there were optional subjects in the preliminary exam as well, Laxmikanth was indispensable for Pub Ad and IAS aspirants used to literally rote the entire book.

Even today when Indian Polity is quite useful for Pub Ad mains paper and many aspirants also refer Laxmikant for preparing Indian polity for the Prelims as well. What makes Indian Polity by Laxmikanth so popular?

The format and language of the book is highly readable. It reads more like a guide than  a standard text book. Laxmikanth explains all aspects of India’s polity like fundamental rights, duties, panchayati raj, budget, state and central government, judiciary, constitutional bodies etc in a very easy to understand manner.

IAS aspirants with no background knowledge of Indian polity and constitution will grasp the concepts quickly as the book is intended for beginners as well as experienced candidates. Indian Polity consists of useful bullet points to get the concepts across concisely and clearly.

The various polity topics covered by Laxmikant in his book on polity are divided into 11 parts that are listed below:

  • Constitutional framework
  • System of government
  • Central government
  • State government
  • Local government
  • Union territories and special areas
  • Constitutional bodies
  • Non-constitutional bodies
  • Other constitutional dimensions
  • Political dynamics
  • Working of the constitution

This is one the best Polity book for CS (Pre & Mains). Each and every word of this book is important for exam. I have few other books on this subject but nothing can beat this book. Here is my views why I preferred this book above all and what makes it different from other books.

1. Crisp and Clear content. Contains A-Z of polity syllabus.
2. Easy language that could be understood and remembered easily.
3. Includes recent changes and updated book.
4. Good quality page.
5. Point wise description for most of topics.
6. Strong binding. Surely you won’t loose pages.
7. Contains previous years polity questions (year wise question with answer)
8. Enormous content at one place. You don’t need to refer other books.

This is a must read book for CS aspirants and also useful for students of Law, Political Science, Public Admin etc or anyone who wants to update himself/herself with country’s political and constitutional issues.








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