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Kakori Conspiracy Notes Pdf Download – Modern History –Kakori Conspiracy is also known as Kakori Conspiracy Case or The Kakori Train Robbery, it was an armed robbery which took place on August 9, 1925, on a train in central Uttar Pradesh. The robbery took place at the town of Kakori, about 16 kms from Lucknow which was the train’s final destination. On board the train, there was money that had been collected from various railway stations and was to be deposited at Lucknow. The raiders were known to be  members of the newly established Hindustan Republican Association, a militant organization dedicated to freeing India from British rule through revolution which included armed rebellion. To fund their activities, the HRA carried out raids such as train robberies..

Within a month of the attack, more than two dozen HRA members had been arrested for the conspiracy and for perpetrating the act. More arrests followed, and around 40 people were targeted by the British. Finally, 29 individuals were put on trial before the magistrate at Lucknow including Chandrasekhar Azad, a leader of the HRA and two others became witnesses for the prosecution in return for lighter sentences.

The final judgments were announced on April 6, 1927. 3 (later 4) men were sentenced to death, and one were given life imprisonment. Most of the remaining defendants were given prison sentences of up to 14 years, two were acquitted, and two more were pardoned. Chandrashekhar Azad remained unapprehended and was killed in an encounter with the police in February 1931. The severity of the sentence particularly of capital punishment provoked considerable outcry among the general Indian public. Several attempts were made to save the four people who were sentenced to die, including passage of a motion in the legislative council of the United Provinces (the colonial precursor to Uttar Pradesh) and a petition to the British viceroy, but they were rejected. The four men were executed in December 1927.

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