L M Singhavi Committee-L.M. Singhvi Committee panchayati raj

L M Singhavi Committee-L.M. Singhvi Committee studied panchayati raj.

L M Singhavi Committee and its Recommendation . Hello friends welcome to Studydhaba.com . Here we are providing you One of the Most Important Committee in Indian panchayati Raj History.

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L M Singhavi Committee

  • L.M. Singhvi Committee studied panchayati raj.
  • The Gram Sabha was considered as the base of a decentralised democracy, and PRIs viewed as institutions of self-governance which would actually facilitate the participation of the people in the process of planning and development.

It recommended:

  1. local self-government should be constitutionally recognised, protected and preserved by the inclusion of new chapter in the Constitution,
  2. non-involvement of political parties in Panchayat elections.
  3. Nayay panchayat should be Established for a cluster of Villages
  4. Panchayat Should have more financial Resources .
  5. Judicial Tribunal Should be Established In all States .


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