List Major Revolutions India In Various Sectors -Green, Blue, Black

List Major Revolutions India In Various Sectors -Green, Blue, Black

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Hello Friends Welcome to . In this Post we are providing the List of Major Revolutions In India In various Sectors Like green Revolution , Blue Revolution , Black Revolution , White Revolution Etc

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First of All Father of Various Revolutions in India

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  • Father of Green Revolution In india – MS Swaminathan
  • Father of Green Revolution – DR Norman Barlaug
  • Father of White Revolution In india – Dr Verghese Kurien

List of Major Revolutions – Studydhaba

  1. Blue Revolution – Fish productions
  2. Black Revolution – Petroleum Production
  3. Brown Revolution -Leather/Cocoa/Non conventional Productions
  4. Golden Fibre Revolution – Jute production
  5. Golden Revolution – Overall horticulture/Honey/Fruit productions
  6. Grey Revolution – Housing/Wood /fertilizers Production
  7. Green Revolution -Agriculture Production
  8. Pink Revolution – Onions/Prawns/Drugs and pharma
  9. Red Revolution -Tomato/Meat production
  10. Round Revolution -Potato production
  11. Silver Revolution – Egg Production
  12. Silver Fibre Revolution – Cotton production
  13. White Revolution – Dairy /Milk production
  14. Yellow Revolution – Oilseed production