What Is Mesh Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mesh Topology

What Is Mesh Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages – Hello friends Welcome to Studydhaba.com.here we are providing you An Intro About Mesh,its Advantages and Disadvantages . Details given below

What is Mesh Topology?

A mesh topology is a network topology in which all the network nodes are individually connected to most of the other nodes. There is not a concept of a central switch, hub or computer which acts as a central point of communication to pass on the messages.

Unlike other network topologies, it can be divided into two kinds:

  • Fully connected mesh topology and,
  • Partially connected mesh topology

A fully connected topology has all the nodes connected to every other node. If you know the graph theory, then it is like a fully connected graph where all the nodes are connected to every other node.

On the other hand, a partially connected mesh does not have all the nodes connected to each other.

Advantages :

  • Each connection can carry its own data load
  • It is robust
  • A fault is diagnosed easily
  • Provides security and privacy
  • A broken node won’t distract the transmission of data in a mesh network.
  • Each node is connected to several other nodes which make it easier to relay data.
  • A broken device will be ignored by the signals and will then find a new one that is connected with the node.
  • Additional devices in a mesh topology will not affect its network connection. Hence it will improve the traffic in the network. This topology makes a large data center that simulates useful information to its nodes.

Disadvantages :

  • There are high chances of redundancy in many of the network connections.
  • Overall cost of this network is way too high as compared to other network topologies.
  • Set-up and maintenance of this topology is very difficult. Even administration of the network is tough.

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