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  • Microsoft word is an excellent word processor that allows the user to create letter, resume, report and announcements.
  • File Extension for MS Word : .doc or .docx



  • Header and Footer: Header and footer is text or graphics that appear on the top and bottom of a page. Header and footer contains the page number, the date of a company logo that is usually printed at the top or bottom of each page in a document.
  • Title Bar: The Title bar shows the name of the file and name of the program. In this there are three buttons on the right hand side: Minimize (to shrink the window down), Maximize (to make the window as large as it can be) and Close (to close the window).
  • Menu Bar: The Menu Bar is placed below the Title bar and it consists of various commands.
  • File Menu: From File menu user can perform the functions such as Create a new document, open existing file, save files and print.
  • Home Tab: It provides options that can change the font, size, colour, alignment, bullets and numbering, organization and style of the text.
  • Insert Tab: It provides the option to insert Tables, links picture, clipart and symbols.
  • Page Layout Tab: It includes Themes, page setup, Page Background.
  • Ruler: It shows the width of the document which can be increased or decreased.
  • Workspace: It is the area where the text can be entered.
  • Thesaurus: It is used to find the synonym for a word in the document.
  • Spell check: It is used to check the spelling and grammar mistakes and also provide the possible alternative for incorrectly spelt word.

List of Commonly used key that have special functions in MS Word :

1.  Backspace key: This deletes letters backward.

2.  Delete key: This deletes letter forward.

3.  Shift key: This when press with another key will perform a secondary function.

4.  Spacebar key: This enters the space between the words or letters.

5.  Tab: This will indent what user type, or move the text to right. The default indent
distance is usually ½ Inch.

6.  Caps Lock : This key when pressed , will capitalized every letter

7.  Control (Ctrl): This when pressed WITH another key, performs a shortcut.

8.  Enter: This either gives a new line, or executes a command.

9.  Arrow Keys: Used to navigate through a document or page.


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