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Moral Thinkers Pdf download

Moral Thinkers Pdf download For UPSC IAS 2018 Exam- UPSC CSE 2018

KARL MARX: Case Studies Ethics 

  • Outlined a humanist concept of communism.
  • Discovered the law of development of human history.
  • Real mission in life- to contribute to overthrow the capitalist society and the state institutions which such society had brought into being, to contribute to liberate the modern proletariat.
  • He was most hated man of his times. Governments deported him from their territories, bourgeois vied with one another in heaping slanders upon him.
  • According to Marx, synthesis is always better than thesis and antithesis, antithesis is more advanced than thesis.

Order of change-



  • Her National Secular Society preached ‘FREE THOUGHT’.
  • She, along with Charles Bradlaugh edited the weekly National Reformer.
  • Became the president of Theosophical Society of India which was based on Hindu ideas of karma and reincarnation.
  • She established the Indian home rule league, of which she became president.

ARUNA ASAF ALI: Hindi Ethics case Studies 

  • Referred to as Queen of Quit India Movement.
  • Elected as Delhi’s FIRST mayor.
  • Awarded LENIN PRIZE for peace.
  • Won Jawahr Lal Nehru award for International understanding.
  • Honored with BHARAT RATNA in 1998.
  • Carried on secret activities during quit India movement and unfurled the national flag at Gowalia Tank maidan to signify the commencement of the Quit India Movement.


  • First Indian woman to become the president of INC.
  • First woman to become the Governor of Uttar Pradesh state.
  • Her birthday is celebrated as WOMEN’S DAY.
  • Got recognition as “BulBule Hind” for collection of her poems under the title- Golden Threshold.

Vijayalakshmi pandit:

  • First Indian woman to hold a cabinet portfolio – local self government & public health.
  • Active worker in Indian nationalist movement & was arrested thrice by the british authorities.
  • Led the Indian delegation to U.N. serving as India’s ambassador to Moscow, Washington & Mexico.
  • First woman to become the president of U.N. General Assembly.

Moral Thinkers Pdf download For UPSC IAS 2018 Exam- UPSC CSE 2018

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