National Blood Policy Pdf Download – Indian Govt Schemes

National Blood Policy Pdf Download – Indian Govt Schemes – Hello Friends Welcome To WE are Providing you India National Blood Policy .

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National Blood Policy Pdf Download - Indian Govt Schemes

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Mission statement

  • The policy aims to ensure easily accessible and adequate supply of safe and quality blood and blood components collected / procured from a voluntary non-remunerated regular blood donor in well equipped premises, which is free from transfusion transmitted infections, and is stored and transported under optimum conditions.
  • Transfusion under supervision of trained personnel for all who need it irrespective of their economic or social status through comprehensive, efficient and a total quality management approach will be ensured under the policy.

Objectives of the policy

To achieve the above aim, the following objectives are drawn:
  1. To reiterate firmly the Govt. commitment to provide safe and adequate quantity of blood, blood components and blood products.
  2. To make available adequate resources to develop and reorganise the blood transfusion services in the entire country.
  3. To make latest technology available for operating the blood transfusion services and ensure its functioning in an updated manner.
  4. To launch extensive awareness programmes for donor information, education, motivation, recruitment and retention in order to ensure adequate availability of safe blood.
  5. To encourage appropriate clinical use of blood and blood products.
  6. To strengthen the manpower through human resource development.
  7. To encourage Research & Development in the field of Transfusion Medicine and related technology.
  8. To take adequate regulatory and legislative steps for monitoring and evaluation of blood transfusion services and to take steps to eliminate profiteering in blood banks.