National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBBDD) – National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBBDD)

Programme for bovine breeding and dairy development

  • The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the implementation of the National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBBDD) during the 12th Plan period
  • The scheme will be implemented with an allocation of Rs 1,800 crore during the 12th Five Year Plan (2013-14 to 2016-17).
  • Spill over activities of the project will be extended to 13th Five Year Plan.

The Scheme will have two components

  • (a) National Programme for Bovine Breeding (NPBB)
  • (b) National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD).

NPBB – National Programme for Bovine Breeding (NPBB)

  • NPBB will focus amongst other things on extension of the Field Artificial Insemination (Al) Net work, monitoring of Al programme, development and conservation of indigenous breeds and establishment of breeders’ associations and societies to encourage conservation and development of recognized indigenous breeds.

National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD).

  • The NPDD component of NPBBDO scheme has been designed to develop infrastructure from the grass root level by providing financial and technical assistance for dairy development.
  • NPDD will focus on creating infrastructure related to production, procurement, processing and marketing by milk unions/federations and also extension activities including training of farmers.

Main Target of the NPBBDD programme

  • By end of the of the NPBBDD scheme, 5,000 MAITRI will be established on self sustainable basis to deliver breeding inputs at the farmers’ doorstep, 36,418 dairy cooperative societies will be organised with membership of two million farmers.
  • The programme will also create milk chilling capacity of 2.8 million litres of milk per day and processing capacity of 3.01 million litres per day.
  • The programme will also set in motion specific action to conserve genetic diversity among cattle and buffalo in the country.
  • The programme will also put in place the policy- strategy- programme framework to transform breeding into an economic activity.


  • The NPBBDD has been formulated by merging four ongoing schemes of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries in the dairy sector.
  • These are the National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB), Intensive Dairy Development Programme (IDDP), Strengthening Infrastructure for Quality and Clean Milk Production (SIQ and CMP) and assistance to cooperatives.
  • This has been done to integrate milk production and dairying activities in a scientific and holistic manner for attaining higher levels of milk production and productivity, to meet the increasing demand for milk in the country.