National symbols of India – General Knowledge for SSC, UPSC, Railways

National symbols of India – General Knowledge for SSC, UPSC, Railways

National Flag of India-National symbols of India

  1. The ratio of the length and Breath is two to three.
  2. in the centre of the flag there is navy blue wheel.which represents the chakra and was taken from the abacus of  the sarnath lion capital of Ashoka.
  3. It has 24 spokes.
  4. the design of national flag was adopted by constituents assembly of india on 22 july 1947.
  5. A tricolor was first accepted by the indian national congress in 1931 having charkha in place of chakra today.
  6. Flag code of india 2002 has taken effect from 26 january 2002.
  7. supreme court declared  the right to hoist flag as a fundamental Right under Article 19 (1)a of the indian constitution .
  8. As per the provision of Flag code of india,2002 there shall be no restrictions on the display of the National flag by Any Members.
  9. but there are some restriction related to hosting of national flag -Eblems and Names mentioned in (prevention of improper use )Act-1950.
  10. and prevention of insults to national Honour Act-1971.

National Emblem

  1. The national emblem is an adaption from sarnath lion capital of Ashoka.
  2. there are four lions standing back to back ,mounted on abacus with the sculptures of an elephant ,a galloping horse,a bull, a lion separated by intervening wheels over a bell shaped lotus.
  3. the capital is crowned by wheel of law .Dharamchkara
  4. the emblem was adopted by govt.of india on 26 january 1950.only three lions are visible 4th one is hidden.
  5. the word sataya meva jayate has been taken from mundaka upanishad ,meaning Truth alone Triumphs.are inscribed below the abacus in Devanagari Script.
  6. The indian national emblem represents the authority of the government .the use of emblem as a government official seal regulated by the state of india (Prohibition of improper use )Act- 2005

National Anthem-National symbols of India

  1. The national anthem of india was originally composed in bengali but later it was translated in hindi version .
  2. officially it was adopted as national anthem of india by constituent assembly on 24 january 1950.
  3. Jana -gana-mana was first sung by sarla chaudhary on 27 december 1911 at kolkata session of INC.
  4. the song was first published in 1912 under Bharat Vidhata topic in Tatavbodhini Patrika.
  5. the song was translated in english in 1919 with title – Morning song of india.
  6. Playtime of national anthem is 52 seconds approximately.short version 20 seconds.

National Song

  1. the national song of india vande mattharam was composed by bankim chandra chaterjee .
  2. it was originally composed in sanskrit language.
  3. vande mathhram was source of inspiration for people in indian freedom struggle.
  4. it has equal status with jan gan mana
  5. it was sung for the first time in session of indian national congress-1896
  6. it was taken from the novel – Anand Math written by bankim chandra chaterjee in 1882
  7. vande mataram english translation was done by sri Arbindo

National Calender-National symbols of India

  1. the national calender is based on saka era with chaitara as its first month.
  2. A normal year of 365 days was adopted from 22 nd March 1957.along with gregorian calender
  3. chaitra normally fall on 22 nd March but in leap year it fall on 21 March

National Animal-National symbols of India

  1. National Animal of india is Tiger (Panthera Tigris)
  2. Project Tiger was launched in 1973 april.
  3. lion was national animal of india till 1972 but later on it was replaced by Tiger.

National Bird 

  1. National Bird  is Indian Peacock(Pavo cristatus)
  2. National Bird Peacock is fully protected under indian wildlife protection act -1972.

National Flower

  1. Lotus (Nelumbo nucipera Gaertan) is the national flower of india.
  2. according to present data india is on 10 th postion in world and 4 th in asia in plant diversity.

National Fruit-National symbols of India

  1. Mango (Manigifera indica) is the national fruit of india .
  2. Mango is rich source of vitamins A,C,D

National Tree-National symbols of India

  1. The banyan Tree is the national tree of india .

National Game-National symbols of India

  1. india national game is Hockey .
  2. apex body to regulate hockey in india is HOCKEY INDIA ,hockey india was formed on 20 May 2009
  3. India has an excellent record in olympic by wining 8 olympic Gold Medals.
  4. indian hockey golden period was from 1928-56

National River

  1. National symbols of India-Ganga was declared as the National River of india by prime minister of india on 4 Nov 2008.
  2. Ganga is longest river of india flowing over 2510 kms of mountains,valleys ,plains.
  3. it originates in Gangotri Glaciar in the Himalayas as the Bhagirathi River .
  4. it has two dams on it one at Haridawar and another on Farraka.

National Aquatic Animal

  1. National symbols of India-on oct 2009 govt. of india declared Dolphin as the national Aquatic Animal.
  2. it represents the health of ganga river.
  3. they are locally known as the susu.
  4. they are found in -ganga.brahamputra and meghana rivers  In india.
  5. River dolphin are endangered species in india .
  6. it has been protected under wildlife protection act -1972

National Heritage Animals

  1. Govt of india has declared – Elephant as india s National Animal on 23 oct 2010.