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New Industrial Policy, 1991

  1. Deserving many areas
  2. Licensing abolished
  3. Equity disinvestment
  4. Managerial revamp with greater autonomy
  5. Withdrawal from commercial areas like hotels, bakery etc
  6. Referring sick PSU to Board of Industrial and financial reconstruction
  7. Increasingly exposed to market discipline by listing on stocks etc
  8. FDI allowed
  9. Focus on exports
  10. Automatic approval for technology agreements
  11. Relaxation in laws like FERA, FEMA, MRTP (enabled takeovers, expansions) Reduction in customs/excise
  12. Closing of PSUs incurring heavy losses

Earlier in 1948, 1956 then 1991

  1. Liberalization means deregulation of the industrial sector by cutting down on bureaucratic controls
  2. Globalization: integration with world economy. globalization also included opening up import restriction, improving exports and removing exchange rate restrictions

Within this policy, measures initiated are :

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  1. Abolition of industrial licensing
  2. free entry to foreign technology
  3. foreign investment policy
  4. access to capital market
  5. open trade
  6. abolition of phased manufacturing programme
  7. liberalised industrial location programme.

The policy has three main dimensions: liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation.

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New Industrial Policy India Pdf Download For IAS Exam

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