One Nation One Election Essay (Pros And Cons) Speech Debate – In India Frequent Elections Are Like celebrating Festivals In India . Election Commission Of India Conduct Election After one Or two Or three Months in India .

Frequent Elections is Big problem In India . Frequent elections, according to experts, hamper long-term policymaking because every decision is seen as bait for votes.

Hence, to end this vicious cycle of elections, PM Modi had recommended holding of simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections all over the country.

One Nation One Election Essay (Pros And Cons) Speech Debate

After the Constitution came into being in 1950, elections to the Lok Sabha and all state assemblies were held simultaneously in 1952, 1957, 1962 and 1967 and all the newly elected legislative bodies were constituted between March and April in each of these years.

In Past time Prime Minister Narendra Modi Also get Support From That Time President Of India Pranab Mukherjee For One Nation One Election ,

President Said there was an emerging idea within the political parties that the elections should be held together and that the Election Commission of India can put in their ideas and efforts on holding the polls together.

Here are some of the advantages of implementing this:

1. Reducing government expenditure

  • Preparing and conducting elections costs the public exchequer hundreds of crore each time.
  • The money is mostly spent on arrangements, salaries and security.
  • Holding simultaneous polls will lead to significant savings of public funds that can be better utilised elsewhere.

2. More time for development work

  • With elections taking place at various schedules, political parties and ministers are always in election mode.
  • This disrupts and distorts agendas with parties deferring reforms or make decisions with short-term views, thereby depriving citizens of clear policies.
  • Holding simultaneous elections will ensure that the ministers can dedicate a good four years towards implementing policies and doing constructive work for their constituencies.

3. Reducing party expenses

  • All political parties spend large sums of money in ensuring that no stone is left Unturned during campaigning.

4. Better deployment of security forces

  • Other than money, the other significant resource needed in abundance is the deployment of security forces. Holding simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and the state legislatures it will free up security forces, who are diverted from their core duties for each election.

5. Model Code of Conduct (MCC) prevents announcements of new schemes

  • With elections being announced the MCC comes into force.

Challenges for Implementing One Nation One Election Idea

1. Not possible –

  • Lok Sabha elections along with elections to assembly and Panchayat is not as easy as it looks like.
  • It will have various complications as the villages and the cities together gear for voting.
  • There may also be shortage of administrative staff, equipment, logistics and security.
  • Less care at the voting Centers may further incite trouble and corrupt processes being carried out unchecked. Ex: booth capturing, rigging.

2. Expenditure can still be reduced –

  • By bringing a strict limit on election expenses for all parties.
  • Transparency in funding can help in making parties accountable and thereby, reducing the expenditure.
  • State funded elections will be an even better option in reducing the costs.

3. Politicians may become complacent –

  • Politicians are kept on their toes when they are regularly worried about the routine elections where they will be accountable.
  • They know that they are responsible for the actions of his party members and something goes wrong, they will be held responsible. This fear is good to keep them under control.
  • Reducing the number of elections would make them lazy for the rest of the term and suddenly become hyperactive during the election year.

5. National & State issues –

  • When both the elections are clubbed, national issues may dominate over state issues and dictate the mood of both state and national votes. State or local issues may take a backseat, which would otherwise be crucial.

6. Constitutional Amendments –

  • To pass these amendments, they require special majorities in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha.
  • This would be a challenging task for the Govt. to build consensus among various political outfits, which have certain biases.

Why holding simultaneous elections is a good idea?

  • This will help save public money.
  • It will be a big relief for political parties that are always in campaign mode.
  • It will allow political parties to focus more on policy and governance.


  • One India, One election is an interesting concept but whether it will decrease the evils that the nation/government wants to get rid of needs to be debated thoroughly.
  • To be sure, there are multiple issues that will need to be addressed if the country intends to move in this direction.
  • The concerns and suggestions of different stakeholders will have to be debated in order to build political consensus around the idea.
  • That said, the proposal will not only have economic benefits but will free up precious political space for policy discussions.
  • It will also help in taking forward the process of economic reforms as decisions will not always be hostage to assembly elections.

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