One word substitution for SSC CGL 2016

One word substitution for SSC CGL 2016 – Hello Friends Welcome to We are Providing you List of Important One Word Subsitution for SSC CGL

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One word substitution for SSC CGL 2016 ,SSC CPO


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One word substitution for SSC CGL 2016

  1. A noisy speech intended to excite passions – Harangue
  2. An exaggerated statement – Hyperbole
  3. Fear of water – Hydrophobia
  4. Fear of Blood – Hematophobia
  5. Love that is not legal – Illicit
  6. A plan for the route to be followed on a journey- Itinerary
  7. A lightly constructed open booth generally used as news stand – kiosk
  8. The property left to someone by a will – Legacy
  9. An evening prayer in church – vespers
  10. destroying work of art – Vandalism
  11. A medical condition in which a person partly or completely loses his memory – Amnesia
  12. To address what are you saying to a particular person – Apostrophize
  13. Total loss of voice – Aphonia
  14. The sound of funeral bell – knell
  15. A short journey of pleasure – Jaunt
  16. done without preparation or  planning – Impromptu
  17. During the period of time between two events – In the Interim
  18. An intelligent group of people in society or country – Intelligentsia
  19. A false written statement to damage a person repute – Libel
  20. The state of being naked – Nudist