How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017

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How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017

How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017

How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017 -Hello Friends Welcome to Staff Selection commission conducts the CGL exam every year for the recruitment of candidates in various government department across the country. From this year SSC has changed a little bit in pattern and mode of exam. SSC has introduced a new paper i.e. Tier III in place of interview.

How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017

How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017

As the Tier II is over and the candidates who are confident enough of qualifying Tier II are looking for the preparation of Tier III. As this is the first time that SSC is conducting this paper, so many students are not aware of its pattern. Some students are confused and don’t know how to prepare this exam. So here we are going to provide you all the information regarding this paper.

Pattern of Tier III-How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017 

  1. Tier III will be a descriptive type paper of 100 marks
  2. Exam will be conducted in Pen and Paper mode
  3. Duration of Paper will be 60 minutes i.e. 1 hour
  4. There will be questions of Essay Writing (250 Words)/ Precise Writing/ Letter Writing
  5. This exam will be of qualifying nature but marks are included in the preparation of final merit
  6. The paper will be bilingual i.e. you can write answer either in Hindi or English Language.

This paper is introduced to evaluate the writing skill of candidates. The best strategy for this paper is “Practice”, the more you write, the better you become. Good content and the ability to provide a proper structure to content are needed to write an essay or letter. If you practice, then both these skill can be improved over the time.

This paper is introduced to make the selection procedure fair and clear. For this paper, you need to focus on Essay/ letter / application/ precise writing equally. Here we will discuss points for each question that can help in your preparation.

  1. Read newspapers, articles and political magazines as much as possible. Not only does this increase your vocabulary but also helps you bring flow in your writing.
  2. English medium students must read The Hindu, The Indian Express, Economic Times. Since you have only a few days left, you need to make sure that you read at least 20 articles a day on a range of topics from here on out.

What to Read for SSC CGL Descriptive Paper?

  • Social Issues like Poverty, Education, Equality, Social Evils (Child Marriage, Dowry, Rape etc.)
  • Finance & Economy (e.g. Demonetization, RBI Rates, GDP Rates etc.)
  • Politics, Schemes & Governance (e.g. Upcoming and recently concluded elections, coups, revolutions and agitations, political deaths etc.)
  • Technology (e.g. UPI, Payment Wallets, Vaccines, Social Networks etc.)
  • Environmental Concerns like Pollution, Overpopulation.
  • Geopolitics (e.g. Chinese aggression in Indian Ocean, Syrian Refugee Crisis)

List of 20+ Expected Topics for Essays:How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017 

  1. Demonetization
  2. Digital payments, E- Wallets
  3. Unified Payment Interface
  4. The Seventh Pay Commission
  5. Corruption
  6. Intolerance
  7. Women Empowerment
  8. The Technological Revolution
  9. Sexual Harassment
  10. Reservation in educational institutions
  11. Right to Information
  12. Right to Equality
  13. Gender sensitivity/ Gender specific roles
  14. The GST bill
  15. Reservation of women in Parliament
  16. Violence and peace
  17. Terrorism
  18. The Kashmir Issue
  19. The India Pakistan Relations
  20. Globalization
  21. OROP

List of Expected Topics for Letters:How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017

  1. Complain letter regarding increasing noise pollution in your locality.
  2. Complain letter regarding trouble faced by common people due to demonetization.
  3. Complain letter regarding recent articles in a popular newspaper being based only on Bollywood stars rather than relevant and important news.
  4. Complain letter mentioning chaotic state of traffic near your locality.
  5. Letter to present views on Women empowerment.
  6. Letter to present views on demonetization.
  7. Letter to present views on Corruption.
  8. Letter to present views on Education beyond classroom teaching.
  9. Letter to present views on ‘Nature and its protection’
  10. Letter to present views on effect of digitalization on today’s youth.

Application Letter:

  1. Application for the post of a manager/clerk/assistant etc. in a company.
  2. Letter to reschedule an interview date due to unavoidable circumstances.
  3. Letter to accept a job opportunity.
  4. Letter to reject a job opportunity.
  5. Letter to postpone date of joining.


  • The size of precise should be 1/3 of original paragraph.
  • Don’t write it as it is. First read it carefully. Make its extract. Focus on what the author want to convey. Prepare your stuff in mind or in a rough paper , write it.

How to improve Writing Skills…!! -How to Prepare SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive Paper 2017

  1. Start Writing.. from this very moment. Choose a topic of your liking, try to write a essay or at least a paragraph on the topic. this will help you overcome the initial roadblock and will also help you realize your weak points.
  2. Improve your grammar. Take any basic book and learn the basic grammar rules. this is very important as less grammatical mistakes shows your proficiency with the language. This helps impress the assessor. Grammar will also improve with a lot of reading, while you are reading anything try to observe the grammar rules and how sentences are formed.
  3. Try to structure your ESSAY in at least three parts i.e. INTRODUCTION, MAIN BODY, and CONCLUSION. This improves Coherency and the assessor feels more comfortable reading the ESSAY.
  4. Improve Handwriting. This has its own plus points. your essay should be readable, so just make sure that every word is distinguishable.


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