Previous Years Based General Knowledge Questions Mock Test 7 With Ans – Hello friends welcome To . here we Are sharing Mock test based On previous years Questions asked in Different Exams . These Questions Are Mixed From All Subjects . These questions were Asked in Different Exams .

Previous Years Based General Knowledge Questions Mock Test 7 With Ans

Previous Years Based General Knowledge Questions Mock Test 7 With Ans

1. What is the composition of Nitrolim-a chemical fertilizer?
2. Which Indian epic was filmed by British Director Peter Brook?
3. “Bhanu Singha” was the pen name of famous writer?
4. What is the most important factor in thunderstorms development?
5. In which year did the Indian Naval Mutiny against the British take place?
6. Which Bacteria commonly lives in the intestine of human?
7. The distribution of seats of the Parliament are based on which census?
8. Why do The clouds float in the atmosphere?
9. Which is not a form of precipitation?
10. Where was the resolution to start the Quit India Movement adopted by INC at its session?
11. Which is poorest state in India?
12. How many classical dances are there in India?
13. Which is a free living bacteria that help in nitrogen fixation?
14. The oldest inhabitants of India are considered by which name?
15. In which city is Charminar situated?
16. Who acts as the Chancellor of State Universities ?
17. What are species containing same number of electrons called?
18. Which was the Prince who was responsible for the death of his father?
19. In which Union Territory people of the Onge tribe live?
20. Who were the first Europeans to set up sea trade centres in India ?

Answer : of Mock test number 7

1. Calcium carbide and nitrogen 2. Mahabharat 3. Rabindra Nath Tagore 4. Atmospheric instability 5. 1945 6.
Escherichia coli 7. 1971 8. Because of their low temperature 9. Fog 10. Bombay 11. Orissa 12. 6 13. Azotohacter 14.
Negritoes 15. Hyderabad 16. Governor 17. Isoelectronic 18. Ajatasatru 19. Andaman and Nicobar Islands 20. The

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