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Quasi Judicial Institutions India Pdf Hindi -Hand Written Notes Hindi


What is a quasi judicial body? Analyse advantages and disadvantages of these bodies.

Quasi judicial bodies are those bodies which have power similar to that of law imposing bodies but these are not courts. They deal basically with disputes with the administration. Their jurisdiction is specified unlike courts. For example, Consumer disputes redressal commission deals only with those disputes in which a consumer feels cheated by a service/product provider.

Generally these bodies have limited judiciary power in specialized areas such as:

  1.  NHRC/SHRC in human rights violation
  2. CVC in corruption cases
  3. CIC/SIC related to RTI act
  4. NGT in environment cases
  5. Income tax tribunals


  1. The lessen the burden of already encumbered Judiciary system.
  2. Since these bodies deal with specific jurisdiction, experts in the particular field work for dispute resolution. Thus expertise is a major advantage.
  3. Quasi judicial bodies are more accessible to the common men and are also cheaper and faster than court process.

Disadvantages:- Download link 

  1.  A person can again appeal in the court against the decision of the Quasi Judicial body. This fades away the advantage of cost and time provided by the Quasi Judicial body.
  2. Most of these bodies are recommendatory in nature, like NHRC and CIC. They can’t even award compensation or relief to the victims directly, but can only recommend it.
  3. Many Quasi Judicial bodies are suffering with lack of strength. So proper and quick investigation is not being done.
  4. These are not as independent as the Judiciary. Frequent interference from the executive is evident.